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Yaun-Teel – The Dependant Slavers

The Yaun-Teel would be utterly avoided by the intelligent races of the Known World if not for the fact the Yaun-Teel have built up such a lavish and productive country.  Over the centuries they have maneuvered themselves into a position of mercantile power, producing goods, services, and revenue to the other bodies of water that they have become dependant of Yaun-Til interests.  Their economic influence is vast, and even the most remote colony feels the unblinking gaze of the Yaun-Teel.

Personality: Much like the eel they take their form and name from, the Yaun-Teel are a suave and cunning species.  They are calculating in their dealings with other races, and will develop complex stratagems to reach their goals.  They will send the weakest into battle first, to wear down an opponent, before stepping into the fray themselves.  They view all other life as expendable, usable at their discretion for whatever need or want imaginable.
Physical Description: Yaun-Teel look almost identical to Merfolk except for the slight eel-like features that betray their true ancestry.  Their eyes tend to be a little slanted and almond-shaped, and their tail flukes less pronounced.  With lithe bodies, they exude grace and poise in even the most ruthless of punitive acts.
Relations: Relations with the Yaun-Teel are always tense and unpredictable.  Despite their legal and thriving trade in sentient slaves, they are an economic force to be reckoned with, and many governments simply look the other way concerning the detestable practice in order to procure Yaun-Teel goods.
Alignment: Despite their civilization having a draconian system of laws, the true basic drive of a Yaun-Teel is to be chaotic evil.  Each individual will break the laws to their own benefit, and expect the same behavior from their brethren.  It is only a thin veneer of civility that any Yaun-Teel wears; beneath the false front, they are vile, sadistic creatures.
Homeseas: To the west of the Chelon Sea and the Mer Currents, the Yaun-Teel Bights are scattered, shallow bays with dotted outcroppings of land.  So shallow are these bodies of water that tourism seldom occurs out of fear of the aberrations that luck above the surface.
Religion: Yaun-Teel are devoutly evil, indulging in piscean sacrifice of fattened livestock and even slaves to the Pantheon   These revolting ritual take place in every community, sequestered behind locked doors and the traditional communal temple hidden from outsiders.
Language: The Yaun-Teel speak a soft, lilting language with its roots in ancient Elquan, perfectly suited for whispering.
Names: When naming a Yaun-Til slave, the name of the master comes first, then a hyphen, followed up by the appellation given by the Yaun-Teel owner (usually skill-related, and always in lower case).  It is a matter of practice to give newly captured slaves a new name, in an attempt to divest them of their previous identity as quickly as possible.
Male Names: Benoit, Einar, Esbjorn, Moander
Female Names: Cilla, Ingemar, Majsa, Synnove
Slave Names: Benoit-bigvay, Ingemar-jorie, Moander-kenaz, Synnove-paian
Adventurers: Yaun-Teel adventurers are plotters and planners, and as such make good tacticians or strategists.  However, the notable self interest will tend to place the risk of any plan on the shoulders of others.

Racial Traits
Ability Adjustments: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
Automatic Class Skills: Intimidate
Skill Bonuses: So ingrained into the Yaun-Til way of life is the use of intimidation that they enjoy a +4 racial bonus to all Intimidation checks as well as any Handle Animal check that uses negative reinforcement as a motivator.
Bonus Hit Dice: None.
Natural Armor: The toughened skin of the anguiliformes form grants a +1 natural armor bonus.
Natural Weapons: None.
Movement: Medium creature (1 cube tall), base speed 30 cubes.
Senses: Darkvision
Buoyancy: Shore (adjustable)
Improved Initiative (Ex): Yaun-Teel are quick to anger, and even quicker to react.  They possess a +4 racial bonus to all initiative rolls.  This ability stacks with the Improved Initiative feat.
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): Once per day, a Yaun-Teel may cast one of these spells: animal trance, cause fear, or suggestion.  Treat these spells as if cast by an 8th level sorcerer.
Favored Class:
Social Flaw: Sadistic
Base Height: Male: 5′ 10” (+ 2d6 in.).
Female: 5′ 7″ (+ 2d6 in).
Base Weight: Male: 175 lbs. (+ height mod. x 2d4 lbs.)
Female 155 lbs. (+ height mod. x 2d4 lbs.)
Automatic Languages: Yaun-Tish
Bonus Languages: Elquan, Chelon, Sahaguin
Level Adjustment: +1 Level

The key to Yaun-Til success throughout history has always been due to slavery.  Economically it has capitalized on the crafting skills of it’s slave populace to produce the same products and services the other races offer, but undercutting their prices significantly due to the relative cheap costs of owning slaves.  Militarily as well, the use of masses of conditioned slaves — tortured to the point of beserker madness — has made Yaun-Til forces into something out of the most crazed imaginations.  As a result of this,  it is possible to procure most anything in the bazaars and storefronts of Yaun-Til society.  Non-Yaun-Teel can expect to pay exorbitant prices, as if using the black market.

Yaun-Til slaves are indoctrinated through torture and mind-altering drug to cling to a convoluted “code” called the Principles of Service.  The slave is made to believe in this code, that by adhering to its strictures brings him closer to civility.  A slave is an animal, a brute of nature with no soul.  Living the principles brings him divinity, raising him above the level of a beast.  However, the rules are so controlling and contrary that it is impossible to fulfill one of them without breaking one or more other precepts.  Contravening the laws results in punishment, and any Yaun-Til citizen has the right by birth to punish a slave at their discretion.  This usually equates to their decadent whim, unfortunately.

The hidden truth of the Yaun-Teel is that they are not an actual race at all.  Yaun-Teel are dependent on the Mer to keep their species propogating.  Yaun-Teel bloodlines only seem to remain viable through two or three generations before becoming sterile with others of its own kind.  Soon before this happens, Yaun-Teel will used their reserve of Mer as breeding stock, giving them another generation or two of genetic viability before the whole process must be repeated.

“Beware the Yaun-Teel that takes an interest in your well-being…”
A old Elquan adage, wiser than anyone realizes

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