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Vitruvian Amoeboid

The amorphous blobs known as Amoeboids are unicellular life taken to the macroscopic scale.  Roughly the size of an average Mer, they lack any skeletal structure, and instead are a flow mass of protoplasmic goo.  Though the Ages of Elqua, instead of specializing and diversifying, the precursors of the amoeboids randomly selected a straight forward path of evolution — simply growing larger.

In order for any sentient species to evolve, it must develop a means of manipulating its environment.  For the Amoeboids, their pliant bodies are capable of extending pseudopods — extensions of its bodily mass that it can control in order to interact with the oceans around it.  These tentacles wave around in the current like noodley appendages until they reach the intended target whereupon they wrap around the object, encasing it in a cocoon of its own plasmic filling.

Okay, you’ve got me.  I have no idea what this stuff is.  I mean, look at it!  It’s a swirling mass of goo.  I can’t rationalize it. It just oozes around, doing its oozy thing with its oozy friends, dividing recklessly through mitosis, absorbing nutrients through osmosis.  You lucky it doesn’t have tuberculosis whether you notice.  It is just a big gelatinous blob, and judging by the look of it, probably some off flavor like castor oil or bisquick.  Though, if you froze one, it would probably make an attractive marble.

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