Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 01 – And So It Begins…   Leave a comment

In the enigmatic words of Ambassador Kosh, “And so it begins…

The first day of the ENDLESS BLUE Kickstarter is over, and we finished with $1,085 in pledges!  That’s a bit over 5% of goal.  Thirteen people felt confident enough in my presentation and the amount of presentable work I have so far to take the plunge and donate.  To them go my most heartfelt and humbling thanks.  Without them, I’d feeling a bit sheepish right about now…

Those giving souls, in their generosity, pushed ENDLESS BLUE to the #10 spot on KickTraq’s Hot List for the date of 1/1/13!  Not bad for a debut project from an unknown author!  But it’s a new day, and we can’t rest on our laurels.  We are currently sitting at #21 for 1/2/13, and with your help we will claw our way back to the Top 10!

For everyone that’s spread the word, I thank you!  Take moment to bask in some attention, by posting links here to where you pimped the setting.  For example, we got some attention from the readers of Tabletop Gaming News due to his news article:


Let’s pool our resources and give the ENDLESS BLUE the best chance it has for success!

Thanks for all your efforts!

William James Cuffe

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