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The Depth Die

As more patrons pledge to the ENDLESS BLUE Kickstarter project, I will be utilizing the following chart to keep track of the progress:

ENDLESS BLUE Kickstarter Progress Chart

At every 5% of goal reached, I will uncover another triangle.  With twenty facets, all the triangles will be removed when the goal is filled 100%.  The image can then be printed, cut out, and pasted into a paper Depth Die.

A Depth Die is used to determine what level of depth a miniature is at in comparison to table level.  A miniature at table level (this is the initial setting) would have its Depth Die with the “0” facet facing up.  Since movement in water is three-dimensional, if another miniature swims above the first, its Depth Die gets moved to “UP 1”.  This is shown on the die as the direction the trident icon is pointed in relation to the number on the facet — pointing upward above the number means above the tabletop; pointing downward below the number signifies below the tabletop.  To help reinforce this, upward numbers are inked in a lighter color than the downward ones, a subtle reference to how light cannot reach the deeper parts of the world’s oceans.

For every cube in movement a miniature can make, increase or decrease the Depth Die in the appropriate direction.  As an example, if a PC decides to swim straight upward from the group 30 feet, then adjust its Depth Die to “UP 6” (1 cube = 5 feet in any direction.  30 feet/5 feet = 6 cubes).  The makes the errant swimmer six levels above the party.  Imagine a stack of clear glass shelves over the tabletop, with the group on the actual tabletop, and the swimmer sitting six shelves above the group.

Distances greater than 50 feet are seldom needed due to the effect that water has of robbing projectiles of their momentum.  Spells with greater ranges than 50 feet can be dealt with more abstractly, usually not requiring a “to scale” layout for the player to mentally envision.  Depth Dice are not required to play the ENDLESS BLUE, but add a tactical angle to the game that is interesting as well as being easy to understand.

Hmm, you’d think that Depth Dice would make a good Stretch Goal, wouldn’t you… *Wink*

William James Cuffe

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