Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 03 – Surge of Creativity   Leave a comment

On the verge of hitting the $2,000 in pledges mark, today’s Kickstarter drive unveils a preliminary mock-up of the ENDLESS BLUE Deluxe Character Sheet:

ENDLESS BLUE Deluxe Character Sheet

Work still needs to be done (adding Alignment, Armor Class, etc.), but this gives the general feel of how the layout will look.  The final product will be a rendered blue background with the above (minus the Mer) overlayed in white.  The final effect will be quite striking, and I’m confident it will find favor with the players.  While the core rulebook will still contain a more traditional character sheet, those with a favorite character that want to show him/her off will have an attractive frame from which to do so.

William James Cuffe

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