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The second in a series of synopses bringing information from the ENDLESS BLUE website into a concise digest for Kickstarter pledgers.

The Nations of Elqua

As is seemingly inherent in the growth of populations, the species of the ENDLESS BLUE have established communities and formed borders, creating their own nations over the bonds of common need.  Now, these separations based on local oceanography are getting a little crowded, and expansion is the only way to meet those needs.  These are the Nations of the Known World, the explored portion of Elqua that is cordoned off by the Spine of the World.  They are encircled by that massive chain of archipelagos, too difficult to cross due to the three-moon tides and the hostile aberrations of the Vastness, thus stunting expansion outward to the other hemisphere of the globe.

Cetacean Oceans — These abyssal plains form the largest homesea (“country”) of the Fluid Nations.  While the massive volume of ocean with its borders is mind boggling, the homesea has very little in the way of shoreline, which is crucial for aquacultural foods.  The Shore are areas where the water is at its shallowest, and here light can penetrate deep enough for underwater plants to be used in photosynthesis.  Without more of these crop producing areas, the Cetacean Oceans relies more on hunting and domesticating livestock.  While the native Orcans rely mostly on the filtration of plankton to sustain them, the nutritional needs of the other species living there require a greater variety of meals.  Slowly, measurably, the levels of wildlife in the Cetacean Oceans is dwindling, and there will soon be little other recourse than to look outside the border for food.

Chelon Sea — Despite being a dying race, the Chelon “royal lineages” are finding themselves with less and less sea floor under their dominion.  Each new generation of Chelon can only hope to either inherent sea floor, or the fantastical dream of buying it with enough money.  A family estate is a sign of power and influence in Chelon society, nearly as much as a Spire is when the head of the family passes away.  But Spires are grand, majestic things that take up considerable space, and that space needs to be replenished by the subsequent generation who,in turn, will use more sea floor for a grander spire, or else end up with no space other than a field of decorative memorials.  While the mostly Shore waters are resplendent with coral reef, the Xanthellaettes (magical masters of coral-shaping) protect the area voraciously from the encroachment of development.

Lumulus Basin — Demand for incessant production continues to rise in the Lumulus Basin, with practically every settlement required to send processed materials towards the construction of the Ur’qwal’she.  Many of the once plentiful veins of raw resources around the hydrothermal vents that the Basin is so renown for have or are on the verge of depletion.  Rumors are already spreading that perhaps the Lumulus have actually run out of the precious ore intrinsic in the creation of dearthsteel.  And while the Lumulus can supplement their intake of nutrients via the semi-cannibalistic consumption of their outgrown shells, the other races must hunt and farm.  The darkness from depth and chemical seeps makes the Basin a very sparse seascape, and poaching has been necessary in border settlements, especially around the Gulf of Locanth and the Sahaguin Lagoons.

Mer Currents — The homesea of progressive thought, this already smaller nation is feeling crowded despite the endless horizon of Elqua.  The division of the small Mer territory into yet smaller Currents proves inhibiting for growth.  Just south of them is the Creche of Civilization, a holy spot cited as the birth of intelligent life, all fertile Shores and pristine waters.  Yet access is denied to them, and expansion into the area is contested by most all of the other races.

Yaun-Teel Bights — The Yaun-Teel Bights, north of the Mer Currents, is mostly Shoals.  Areas of water where light is dim, it lacks the Shelf needed for large fish schools and the Shore for photosynthetic crops.  But surprisingly, it is perhaps the only nation without an expansionist mentality, preferring instead to simply ply its economic muscle for the supplies it needs.  It takes a strangely neutral role in politics of the other homeseas, but do not doubt for a moment that some Yaun-Teel somewhere is profiteering through the black market.

Sahaguin Lagoons — The Sahaguin Lagoons are a long chain of waters skirting around the Spine of the World, and face on the other side of the Creche from the Mer Currents.  They have their own intentions for the Creche of Civilization, and be assured that sharing in its bounties is not the Sahaguin mentality.  Sahaguin take, they do not share.  If you cannot take enough to eat, you do not get to live.  If it is there, it belongs to the one that takes it.  This has brought the Sahaguin into conflict with the Narwahl, the splinter group of Orcans that still embrace the traditional beliefs and culture of the original Whale Khans.

The Gulf of Locanth — Home of one of the wonders of the aquatic world, the Locanthic herds migrate back and forth across the Gulf.  The Locanth by their very nature are exceedingly aware of the precarious balance between consumption and nature, but even their measured, delicate demands on the wildlife is proving to be a strain.  Despite the Locanth’s best preservationary practices, the levels of sea life seem to be dropping, migrations taking longer, deviating outside the traditional borders of the Locanth Gulf.  The natives see the Herds as an extention of their homesea, and agonize over the treatment incurred by the animals as they are poached by the other races.  Some have become militant over the perceived affront to their lifestyle and livelihood.

Kouton Bay — Kouton bay is the northernmost homesea, is a place of cold waters and rare resources.  Its natural wealth has already long ago been divvied up by the greedy early Kouton and sequestered away in the Mausoleums.  It is charged that this desperate need for food and supplies led the Kouton to become Kraken sympathizers during the Occupation.  Though vehemently denied by the Kouton themselves, the light impact of the Kraken Occupation upon their populace during that tumultuous time and the subsequent inflation in Kouton luxuries casts a shadow of doubt over their claim of innocence.

In the center of all this are the Ruins of the Kraken Empire, consisting of territory that was once mostly Lumulan, Chelon, and Mer.  The Fluid Nations Accord, signed after the collapse of the Kraken infrastructure, prevents any nation from claiming that territory as theirs, for fear of the dark magic and horrible artifacts that still dwell their even after the collapse of their cruel masters.  But times have changed, and desperation has begun to set in.  Those willing to brave the dangers in the Maw of the Kraken could possibly return home with riches beyond their imagining.

There is also the Church of Olyhydra to take into account.  The Church, through “donation” or simply eminent domain, is lobbying for a form of independence.  They seek the land under the church’s control to become an independent entity, separated from the control of any one Mer Current, yet remaining part of the homesea.  Not quite a Current of its own, but a protected city with a voice in politics.

William James Cuffe

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