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This is the third in the series of posts that digest down much of what is found on the ENDLESS BLUE website for those readers that do not have the time to wander those pages.

The Classes of Elqua

Life on Elqua is hard, an eternal struggle for food, shelter, and protection.  In response, the denizens of the ENDLESS BLUE have developed some rather creative methods for survival, and ply those skills through both peace-time and war.  Many of those skills that were crucial to the development of life underwater are invaluable to an active navy.  While there are the standard roles most adventurers are familiar with, there are a handful of unique possibilities in the world of ENDLESS BLUE that stand out and demand notice.

Versesinger —  Versingers are the golden voiced few Orcan devoted to the Verse, the song-like language that created Elqua, the universe, and all of time.  The First Verse was uttered, and the universe came into being.  It is said that it can still be heard, carried along the deepest currents of the Shelf.  With their malleable vocal chords, only Orcans can achieve the purity of sound necessary to evoke a response from the world around them, and can achieve vocal wonders such as carrying two distinct notes at one time, or melding the voices of many into one world-shaking harmony.

Xanthellaette  — Also known as the Coral Shapers, xanthellaettes tap into the network of ley lines that criss-cross the ocean floor.  Siphoning power from the world, they can create magic like no other, molding stiff coral like clay.  Many can cast a selection of spell spontaneously from the rich veins of energy.  From this they can create wonders, such as the permanently attached coral armor.  They take the protection of the coral reefs of the world very much to heart, as only Chelon can become xanthellaettes.

Culinist — Any race can be come a Culinist, and indeed they are one of two professions that are to thank for the formation of civilization beneath the wave.  One part agriculturist, another part potion brewer, Culinists use special strains of yeast called kelaguen to infuse the fruit of the hardy acari plant with mystical abilities that are bestowed on the consumer upon eating.  They can turn their skills towards food preservation, extending the lifespan of acari fruit and providing a source of nutrition when there are long, lean years.

Packbreeder — The counterpart of the Culinist, Packbreeders are the domesticators of monsters, and the shepards of livestock.  Packbreeders control (barely) the great beasts used by armies in waging war, as well as breed new generations of animals in order to gain new abilities that benefit the piscean races as a whole.  The taming of wild dolphins into the neotenous delphiz transformed the animals into a species of creature that exists for the sole purpose of the joy it produces the owner, namely “pets”.  It is the dream of every Packbreeder to create a signature breed of animal that becomes its own species, a permanent alteration of Elqua’s natural order that will ensure their legacy.

Ambusher — A profession created from sheer necessity, Ambushers were the result of desperate Ceph on the run from vengeful persecution after the collapse of the Kraken Empire.  Out of sheer need to survive, they honed their stealth and developed a multi-limbed fighting style that would rival even the most learned monk.  A Ceph that has mastered the Ambusher class can land up to twelve deadly blows in a single round through sheer skill alone.  The time of Ceph-hunting has gone by, but survival in the uncaring wilds still demands much of these small pisceans, thus the skills of the Ambusher continue to be taught to newer generations.

Oresmith — These are the limited Lumulus of each Forgeclan trusted with the knowledge of making dearthsteel and the understanding of how coiltech weaponry operates.  They bend their homeseas’  hydrothermal vents to their will, in order to temper their metals.  They bathe these alloys in the noxious chemical seeps to bring out the inner strengths.  It is the creation of dearthsteel and its melding with xantellaette magic that served as the major lynchpin in throwing off the shackles of the Kraken Occupation, but not before the Kraken broke the bodies and wills of one Forgeclan and stole the secret.

Vexillifer — Vexillifer are military bards, charged with carrying the legion standard.  Through loyalty and magic, the standard becomes a powerful beacon, heightening the abilities of soldiers as well as extending the range of the bard himself.  They have a special place of honor in Elquan warfare, and are normally to be captured (though no vexillifer would willingly allow his standard to be sullied by the hands of an enemy).  Off the field of battle, vexillifer are treated with immunity, and can mingle with most any people without reprisal.  The news they bring, names of the fallen, etc, is normally welcomed in any circle, and this unofficial code of immunity is rarely broken, and safe passage always given.

These are by no means the entire scope of occupations in the Fluid Nations.  The more common classes are still present, such as Mariners (Fighters), Clerics, and Hermits (Monks).  The Cetacean Barbarians are an example of a still existing class, though mostly relegated to the errant Narwahl and the belligerent Sahaguin.  Sirens are bards that specialize in illusion and beguilement, while the Scout is a sort of Rogue navigator, the historical Lewis & Clark, mapping out the Known World for the sake of the art of cartography.  Of special note are Predators, the anti-Packbreeder,  those Rangers whose hatred for a particular race of animal drives them towards the destruction of the species.

Prestige Classes are also quite common among the populace of the Fluid Nations, and such as the Merchants and Diplomats work to keep the precarious balance of peace.  Others, like the Slavemaster, is a Packbreeder prestige class that plies the beast raising abilities of the class on other pisceans!  The Blue Dragoneers are a society of Assassins that operates across the Known World, and Loremasters among the Kouton are practically a given.

Life may be hard on Elqua, but it is rewarding in its diversity.  As the adherents of Olyhydra say, “To toil is to live, to live is to survive…

William James Cuffe

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