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The fourth installment condensing what is laid out on the ENDLESS BLUE website so it can more easily accessed by backers:

The Ages of Elqua

The History of Elqua is roughly broken up into “Epochs”, each named after a color.  An epoch does not correspond to an explicit length of time, but is more a general range of circumstances in the world’s history.  The color scale was created by the forefathers of the Synesthete Synod, whose diviners posses a strange cross-linking of their senses, such as seeing color when specific notes are played.  They used these unique ways of sensing to guide their prognostications, nudging society towards outcomes that were more pleasing to the individual’s particular synesthesia.  Garish or jarring sensory input was seen as a sign of ill omen, and soon the general populace began to use the color system to denote events long in the past.

The White — Before the universe existed, all that was and would be were mere potential.  This was the Source, and the era known as the White.  Then the First Verse was spoken, and the universe came into existence, Elqua along with it.  As the water world coalesced and cooled, life began in its fertile oceans, and quickly multiplied.  Single celled life spread through the oceans and onto the few bit of land that broke the water’s surface.  With each successive century, the world cooled more, and eventually a great Ice Age froze over the seas of Elqua, effectively cutting off the world above from the water below.  Each world went on, evolving, diversifying, while the world turned.

The Cardinal Epoch — With the world frozen over, the Cardinal Epoch bloomed to life above the frozen ocean as the rhodoarchaea, bolstered by the green shadow of the Saragasso Sea ringed around the planet, became dominant.  It is as this time in prehistory that the world of the Vastness became separate from the Known World.  Meanwhile, life became more complex under the ice sheets, eventually evolving into proto-pisceans.  Each time a branch of these neo-pisceans came close to reaching sentience, eruptions of Red Tide swept the currents.  But eventually, sentience was achieved as the Ice Age above began to recede.

The Bronze Epoch — The thawing of the oceans heralded the Bronze Epoch, and the ancient Orcans began the first movements towards what would eventually become the Cetacean Barbarians.  Xanthellaette was developed by the Chelon as was the skill of oresmithing by the Lumulus.  Soon thereafter, the first of the Shellback Wars began, a recurring hostility between the two species that lingers to the modern day.  The first of the ancient wonder of the world date from this period, such as the Kouton Mausoleums and the Chelon Spires.  The first of the artifacts to bear the name Ur’qwal’she was built by the industrious Lumulus.

The Golden Epoch
— The Cetacean Barbarians began to crumble, giving up their campaign of brutal expansion and savagery, giving way to the Golden Epoch.  A peaceful time of renaissance, of progress, as the Mer Currents put forth the first attempt at a world accord, the Codex of Piscean Rights.  The feared, solitary Kraken disappear and eventually the terrible name fades into myth.  Aside from a few outbreaks of the Shellback Wars, little world wide violence disturbs the water.  Successive incarnations of the Ur’qwal’she was constructed from the ruins of the last, and the artifact came close to becoming a victim in an outbreak of the Shellback Wars.

The Verdant/Verdigris Epoch — The Verdant Epoch followed, touted as a new age of prosperity and plenty, of progress and purpose.  Great strides in unifying the piscean races reached near completion when the worst happened: Invasion!  The Verdant Epoch quickly when sour and rotten as the Kraken, now unified, systematically spread out across the Known World and began subjugating all intelligent life.  The Verdant became the Verdigris as the Kraken Occupation took root and held fast for generations.  It was the marriage of Chelon ultravision magic with Lumulan dearthsteel that led the Resistance to finally throw off the shackles of the Kraken occupiers.

The Cerulean Epoch — As the Kraken Empire fell, the waters cleared for the Cerulean Epoch.  The current campaign is set in this era, fittingly.  Enough time has passed since the newly formed Ceph scampered for cover and survival from the wrathful piscean survivors, and now seek to integrate themselves into the Fluid Nations.

From this point, divination into the future has become murky.  The next epoch is to be the Indigo Epoch, so named for the dark haze that magical spells relate hanging over all of Elqua.  Some, like the Faithful to the Source, argue it is the spoiling of the environment that has made foretelling the future so difficult.  Other, such as the Godless, argue that it is simply proof that the gods cannot be the divinity they claim.

Beyond that period, all else is unclear.  Barely remembered ancient texts once claimed the Epoch to follow would be the Violaceous Epoch.  Yet, all spells cast to peer into this era have always failed, as if this period of time has been chicurgically hacked away from Elqua’s future.  However, there are plenty of tales passed down through the religious sects of the final Epoch, the Livid Epoch, where the end of all things leads to the nothingness of the Black.  Each has their own version of how things will end, but most contain a common thread of vibrancy drained from the world, of only the ashen, pallid shell of what once was.

The Black is the end of the world, the moment the last light fades into the dark, where the Last Verse is sung and then all is forever silent, when all that was simply isn’t anymore…

William James Cuffe

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