Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 10 – The Religions of Elqua   1 comment

Part five of the summation of key points in the ENDLESS BLUE setting, this time covering the types of religion found in the Known World.

The Religions of Elqua

Worship is common below the waves.  Its allure to the average piscean has been likened to the soothing balm of a current as well as an analgesic for the tortured soul.  Its effects are miraculous, enabling the most down trodden to desperately cling to hope in the face of utter despair.  Some religious systems are kind, others cruel; some are structured, yet other informal.

The Source —  This is the most primitive of the Elquan religions, based on the concept of life personified as the symbol of life: an egg.  Myth retells that the Source is at the center of all things, that the draw downward on buoyant bodies is the call of the Source to return to the womb, the point of pure nurturing.  It is synonymous with nature worship, and in effect all clerics of the Source are at their core druids.

Pantheonists — Pantheon belief is the most common form of religion in the Known World.  While the specifics vary from race to race, nation to nation, even settlement to settlement, the core of all Pantheonist is the worship of eight gods.  The names of the Eight vary, as do their dominance and relation to each other, but they tend to maintain a constant personality between all the different schisms of Pantheonism.

Monotheists — No other religion personifies the idea of One God than the Church of Olyhydra.  She is the Mistress of Law, the Governess of Suffering, and she demands everything from her faithful.  In return, She promises reward beyond imagining in the next life, where the level of luxury attained there is determined by the amount of sacrifice made in this one.  Tithing is more than a requirement, beyond even a demand.  As if it was a law of nature, an ultimate spiritual need that practically borders on obsession.  Life exists to serve; and serve it will.  Its strictures are severe and its ceremonies are bleak, but somehow the Olyhydran Church is on the rise in all of the Fluid Nations.

Ancestor Worship — A more nebulous form of religion, it is the respect of those that came before, and a raising of their ideals to a philosophical level.  The core of ancestor worship is living up to the standards of the previous generation, turning to their memory in the dark times, exalting their name when life is good.  The traditions of ancestor worship tend to run along cultural lines, where the practices have been passed down as far back as memory serves the society.  Just as different cities have a different feel to their atmosphere, so too does ancestor worship.  And with each successive generation, the traditions are repeated, sometimes altered, and grow.

The Cults — Also know as Elsewhere servitude, cults very rashly feed worship and sacrifice to these dark entities.  They are the secret hand that nudged the Kraken to unification and occupation.  It requires a kind of supplication both mental and physical that others would deem depraved, even insane.  The Cults know this, and hide their practices from the eyes of other out of fear of repercussion.

In the faces of these forms of religion, there is the one group whose faith is perhaps the most taxed.  The Godless are the religion that is not a religion, whose core tenant is that there is no divinity.  It is hard to maintain such skepticism intact when there is evidence of magic all around.  Yet they steadfastly maintain their disbelief, which in a way makes them just as pious as any of the other religions.

Despite all these differences, there is one thing that these deparate sects all share in common.  One fundamental belief that transcends church, nation, and self:  “Above the waves is damnation; below the depths lies salvation…”

William James Cuffe

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