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Size in Elqua

The largest creature known today, the blue whale, grows to a length of 90 feet and weighs in at 100+ tons, and is the largest beast to have ever existed on our world.  But on Elqua, there are a few monstrosities so large, that the blue whale is dwarfed.  They are the stuff of myth, so rare are the encounters that these beasts must be the only ones of their kind.  They are the definition of awesome, striking both wonderment and fear in the paralyzed minds of pisceans by just their description.

Tremendous — Creatures of this size are nearly impossible to view with just a glance at any distance.  Their breadth requires the PCs to span its length, arch their necks and drag their gaze across their field of vision, and only then might the Tremendous creature be fully seen.  Mountainous creatures, they are the size of settlements, measuring in the many hundreds to few thousands of feet.  It is easier to think of creatures this size as being parts of the environment instead of individual animals, and as such are afforded a wide berth if for no other reason than to avoid inadvertently being  swept away by their contrails or swallowed up as they feed.

Immense — If Tremendous beasts are the size of mountains, then Immense creatures are the size of continents.  They are more forces of nature than ordinary animals.  Damaging an Immense creature is nearly impossible.  How much destruction could a fireball do to the ground?  How effective is slay living to a tectonic plate?  Any such attack devisable by mortal beings would be like an amoeba upon a giant.  They are the marvels of the animal kingdom, the leviathans of legend, behemoths so large that the very existence of pisceans is of no consequence to them.  Most other life is but motes of dust floating in the water, and barely register to the senses of these Immense monstrosities.  Imagine organs so large that most spells could not encompass them in their area of effect, or an eye so immense that a piscean stare into the pupil and see only abyss…

These inconceivable creatures can reach their stature due to the amount of additional space the water world of Elqua possesses.  The depths of our own oceans allowed the blue whale to evolve, so who is to say what size of creature could exist if our sea level was as high as Mount Everest!  All that space take up by our useless air is instead life supporting, weight sustaining, buoyant water.  All that extra volume, miles and mile of open ocean, teaming with life, almost as if it was seeded for just that very purpose: to produce life that eclipses the colossals.

William James Cuffe

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