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The Spurs of Elqua

There are some strange sights in the waters of Elqua: moving islands, vibrant ley lines, and creatures that nearly defy description.  One of the rarest of these unique features of the ENDLESS BLUE are the little known, and even less understood, Spurs.

Scattered through out the Known World, these crystalline monoliths jut up out of the sea floor.  In every case, they point directly upward, and will maintain this orientation even in the wake of a natural disaster such as a sea-quake.  Those jutting from the sides of abyssal trenches maintain their acute tangent even as the cliff face crumbles away.  When the silt clears from the current, the Spur will still be there, unmoved, as if it was unaffected by the terrain around it.

Their arrangement around the world is apparently random, though a few patterns do seem to emerge: they appear in areas with little traffic from the piscean races, such as thick kelp forests, intensely dense coral reefs, even the wide open silt of deep seas.  They seem to be especially sparse in the Mer Currents, but appear more often in the Gulf of Locanth and Kouton Bay, showing a rise in frequency the farther west you travel from the Creche of Civilization.  And the last observation is that no Spur has ever been found that intersects a ley line.

Migratory schools of fish and other life forms give them a wide berth, changing the path of their trek across the waters long before sight of one of these glassy columns is glimpsed.  Just noticing a Spur is difficult, as they are practically invisible due to their transparent mass and the refractive darkness of the water.  Lower life, like invertebrates and plants will grow around the Spurs, even over run them, but never do they grow on the Spur.  The passage of time allows these creatures to encroach around the crystal plinths, as if growing around them in a perfect geometric shape of a multifaceted monolith.

To the touch, the Spurs are incredibly cold — not the damaging frozen water of the planet’s poles, but a warmth absorbing absences of temperature that ignores its surroundings.  Each facet is nearly frictionless, and sliding a finger along any edge can result in a nasty cut.  The transparent material is harder than diamond, and has so far resisted any attempt at being chipped or cut way.  Which makes the sole blemish on these perfect growths all the more confounding: a single, tear-shaped indentation, like a strange thumbprint, stands about a foot below the Spurs highest edge.

Whatever the purpose, if there even is one, is lost to the races of Elqua.  The nations do not even openly recognize their existence, let alone pool their knowledge of the phenomena.  The Spurs are the unbelieved reality of the ENDLESS BLUE, the conspiracy theory and cryptozoology equivalent in a world where plants can swim, the dead can move, and gods exist.

William James Cuffe

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