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The Indigo of Elqua

Fear is a nebulous phantasm, full of dread and anxiety, unseen, hiding around every corner, just out of view, beyond your sight.  Nothing exemplifies this ethereal foreboding more than the nightmare that is known as the Indigo.  Distilled horror, it is an unquenchable hunger for the consumption of all that lives, all that moves, all that is.

It is a fairy tale told to ill-behaved children, nightmare fuel for their rampant imaginations.  Dark and hidden amongst the hinterseas around the Known World, it lurks.  To say it is waiting is to give insight to the inanimate. It exists, and that alone is wicked enough.  This horror that is called “black water” by the Primitive races seeks nothing but its own spread.

Thick and viscous, this sticky substance is darker than night, deeper than the abyssal trench.  It oozes tendrils along the sea bed, like a trickle of malignant tree sap, coating everything in it wake, swallowing it up, swallowing it whole.  Its slow progression cannot be stopped, its menacing encroachment is as unrelenting as it is thorough.  Indigo does not shine or glisten, it’s opaque slime dragging silt and sand along with it, the grains clinging to the surface like cooling lava.

There are things that spike fear into the hearts of pisceans by just their very mention.  The words “red tide” are enough to make whole communities rush home to home, warning friends, strangers, and enemies alike.  The Indigo is no mere red tide, no poisonous current of water that will come to pass.  It is an endless wall of dark, as far as the eye can see.  Whatever falls in its shadow becomes swallowed up by it, forever claimed by the cloying, tacky oil.  It’s like the end of the world approaching, a curtain of disintegration, slowly wiping across the ocean floor, slowly wiping away all life and leaving nothing but blackness in its wake.

This horror is just a ghost story, though. Isn’t it?  Everyone knows that, having grown out of their childish fear as the grew up.  But the visceral fear remains, horror potent enough to drive a piscean to the edge of their sanity.  That addle minded old Mer that begs for coin, the one that mumbles of black water, of watching friends drown, their gills matted with congealed darkness.  Great ropes of inky blackness reaching out greedily, wrapping around anything that lives, enveloping it into its body silently, leaving no trace behind other than the mental scarring of those unlucky enough to survive…  That’s all just the remnants of intoxication, right?

William James Cuffe

(NOTE: Unabashedly, Indigo is my homage to one of my most favorite cartoons from my childhood, Pirates of Dark Water.  If I can achieve even just a fraction of the depth and strangeness that series had, I’ll consider ENDLESS BLUE a success!)

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