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Last night, after I got home from work and sat down with a snack in front of my computer, I found a stirring message on Facebook from one of my friends.  This is someone who normally doesn’t think of himself as a writer, but as evidence by his words alone, he did a pretty convincing impression of one:

“Okay Internet Friends! Let’s pool our resources and do some communal good. My friend William James Cuffe has a Kickstarter project active and needs $20,000. He only has pledges of $2,900. Yes, that is a lot of money, but I know we can help him. Let’s band together and help this talented artist and very creative writer achieve his goal and, more importantly, his dream of publishing this fantastic world he calls Elqua. It would be great if 200 people could pledge $100 each, but I am more realistic. So $30 is probably more affordable to most, but then we need then 560 people!

In the greater scheme of the internet, especially Facebook, 560 people is not all that much and $30 is not either. Just don’t eat out for two weeks and you saved it, and your health! I have around 100 Facebook friends, and I bet each of you have more than me. So, think about the good you could do by helping someone you may or may not know achieve one of his dreams.

Mind you, you do get something for your $30 pledge. Once his goal is achieved and he completes his writings and art, you would get PDF copies of his writings. Now this appeals to the nerd/gamer in me! I know a lot of you are not nerds or gamers and this has no appeal to you. But take away the rules of the book and the gamer aspect and it’s still great art and a very creative and thought provoking world. For those of you that have young children, let them look at the pictures and read about the histories and cultures that William has created. Allow this to inspire their young minds to create something new and imaginative and maybe they will create the next blockbuster movie or bestselling book. All it takes is a seed of wonder.

Please pass this along to everyone you know for the next two weeks and have one final miracle drive to reach that goal of $20,000.


I’m still feeling a little humbled after reading it, and though I’d pass it on.  Friends can sometimes amaze you.  I’m very lucky to have one in Chris.

William James Cuffe

Posted January 22, 2013 by William James Cuffe in Endless Blue Campaign Setting

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