Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 23 – Additional Benefit   Leave a comment

Alright, an early update for today, mostly because I want to have this in effect as long as possible.

Today is my birthday, and to celebrate, I’m giving you the present, in the form of an addendum to the Patron Rule.

For those that don’t know, the Patron Rule is something I came up with to reward those backers that pledged early, as opposed to waiting until the project was funded.  I decided to give Patrons an in-game reward that scaled with how soon they donated, yet was still significant for those that got their pledge in on the last day.  To meet these requirements, the Patron Rule gives donators an amount of initial funds equal to the number of days left in January and the end of the ENDLESS BLUE Kickstarter drive.  Pledge on Day 1, you got 31 gp during character creation; wait until the 31st, you got 1 gp.

Today, I expand the Patron Rule.  In addition to extra starting funds, characters of Patrons benefit from an extra amount of XP at the end of each game session.  Just like the starting funds reward, take the day of the month you pledged on and subtract it from 32 to find the number of extra experience points you get at the end of each session.  To validate if a player qualifies for the extra XP, just look in the Patron section of the ENDLESS BLUE Campaign Setting rulebook, and the date of their pledge will be there so you can do the math for yourself.

So, there you have it!  I survived another year, and you get to benefit from it!

William James Cuffe

Posted January 23, 2013 by William James Cuffe in Endless Blue Campaign Setting

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