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Adventures in the ENDLESS BLUE

ENDLESS BLUE stories all revolve around a common theme: the struggle to survive. Not just the basic story of eat or be eaten, but survival in all its forms.

Personal survival — It is very easy to slip into the mentality of “it’s us or them”, facing the choice of who survives and choosing yourself.

Survival financially — This is the most implicit motive for adventures in RPGs, where the adventurer makes a living for themselves mercenarily by fighting monsters and collecting treasure.

Social survival —   The pursuit of power and fame is a seductive goal, and many will go to extreme lengths to achieve it.

Survival of the environment — The Xanthellaette coral shapers of the Chelon are painfully concerned with the killing of Elqua’s crucial reef systems.

Survival as an individual in a collective — The Narwahl Orcans felt so strongly that the Cetaceans were losing their identity that they abandoned their homesea rather than become assimilated into society.

Survival against nature — Perhaps the most ever-present struggle on Elqua, from the approach of predators into settlements to spread of the red tide, even the rumored Indigo encroaching from the hinterseas.

Survival against supernatural — Entities from beyond the mortal realm, such as the Elsewhere cults whom revere the same extra-planar powers that bolstered the Krakens’ rise to dominance.

Survival against themselves — Each person has a dark side, a shadow of sorts, that works at their own destruction.  The allure of pleasure over dedication to responsibility can bring the most powerful down to ruin.

Survival from mistakes — Some of the best intentions have resulted in the worst horrors in history.  Do you own up to your error and face the repercussions, or cover up the mistakes that were made and let others deal with the consequences?

Survival of belief/ideal — The Godless remain steadfast in the face of divine proof.  The Resurrectionists seek to recreate life.  The Synesthete Synod seek the perfect future, while the Stoic State intend to free the world from magic.  The single-minded pursuit of these goals at the cost of all else can result in catastrophic ends for all involved.

Survival of a way of life — Some would call it progress to abandon tradition, other would call it a betrayal of ideals.  Which leads to…

New Traditions is the name of the exclusive Kickstarter adventure for the ENDLESS BLUE Campaign Setting.  It concerns the actions of a particular Locanth tribe that has turned its back on the ideals of balance and harmony with nature in the face of impending starvation.  It brings them into conflict with other Locanth tibes, and brings them the attention of the Kelpygmies.  The resulting repercussions affect the surroundings and others, with the players caught in the middle as the resolution comes to a head.  Is impending ruination inevitable or can salvation be found in a compromise?  Hard choices will have to be made in this 32 pg. black & white adventure.

William James Cuffe

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