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The First Ones

When the world was new, and the First Verse still echoed through the oceans of Elqua, the First Ones rose to prominence.  The burgeoning seas, brimming with new life and vitality, were a fertile spawning ground for the first, true race of the Endless Blue.  The boundless waters were theirs to explore, its bounties enough to quell the greatest hunger, its riches enough to slake the most desperate greed.  They rose to the top of the food chain, tamed the tides and dominated the submerged globe.  Their names were eroded from the world by the unstoppable waves, save for a single innocuous scroll hidden in the Kouton Mausoleums.  There they rest to this day, awaiting discovery by the brave, the brazen, or the barmy…

Alan Millard
Alex Lapin
Alexander Brown
Andrew R H Girdwood
Angus Abranson
Bill Parrott
Brett Easterbrook
Chris Jahn
Christian Nord
Christopher Buser
Christopher Ricks
Code Decode
Emily Kubisz
Gregory Morris
Gunnar Hogberg
Haphazard Projects
Jack Gulick
Joerg Gering
Josh Connell
Kerry Harrison
Kevin Schantz
Marion F. Carpenter Jr.
Mark Kadas
Michael Gorczyca
Michael Ricks
Oliver von Spreckelsen
Pascal Bouchard A.K.A. The Crazy Lunatic
Patric Goetz
Patrick Curtin
Paul Cavanaugh
Peter McAndrew
Philippe Deville
Pookie Uk
Preston Coutts
Raven Daegmorgan
Rik Spruitenburg
Sam Curry
Sam Eaton
Scott Maynard
Simon Jennings
Stefan Kueppers
Stefan Radermacher
Steven Lord
Theocrat Issak
Tom Walker

“All days are numbered; all nights eternal.
In light humbled; in dark infernal…”
— The First Verse, or the Last Verse, depending on your viewpoint.

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