Endless Blue – Week 87.2 – Jetsam: Portals – Windows and Doors   Leave a comment


Portals – Windows and Doors

When everything can float, there is little difference between a door and a window.  Gravity does not limit pisceans to traveling along the ocean floor.  Thus both a window and door serve the same purpose: as entrance ways into constructed shelters.

As such, Elquan architecture never developed the idea of a “doorstep”.  Instead, any window allows entrance into a building.  They are called portals, and share the characteristics of both windows and doors. Like a door, portals are almost always designed with some form of lock, with the intention of keeping the structure secure.  But like a window, portals need not be opaque, and thus can be made from any material. Colored volcanic glass, such as used by the Chelon Spires, is an example of a “transparent” portal material.

Portals can be placed pretty much anywhere along the surface of the building, and piscean architects work the placement of portals in an artistic, creative manner.

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