Endless Blue – Week 87.3 – Flotsam: The All Colored Sands of Rhelathia   Leave a comment


The All Colored Sands of Rhelathia

Located in the Sahaguin Lagoons, this secluded lagoon is noted for the brightly colored sands that line the ocean floor.  Ranging in color from red through ultraviolet, the sands naturally form layers when at rest, giving the sea bed a striped look.  Even when disturbed and mixed, the size of the various grains of sand eventually filter down, restoring the original layered look.  The natural lapping motion of the waves, makes the Shore sandbar look like a many layered candy.

As demonstration of tourists, specially trained Sahaguin rangers will use the colored sands to draw out beautiful and elaborate murals on the lagoon seabed.  The tools used are similar to hoes and rakes, as well as a technique of collecting specific colored sand beforhand and sprinkling it across the shoreline.

The separation effect, coupled with the natural tide, is just quick enough for patient observers to witness without loosing interest.  Each day the ranger paint a new vista with sand, and slowly the artwork fades into memory.

Local folklore say the sorting sands are the result of the Fry of the Black Mangrove, spirits of orphaned children, coloring the dark world around them.  In fact, the mischievous Fry are a favorite subject for the sand paintings, and through the years of retelling, a vibrant history was created in place of a simple old wife’s tale meant to frighten children into behaving.

Unscrupulous pisceans try to sell pouches of the magic sand to visitors.  Most of the time, the sand is normal particulate matter collect by the hucksters.  On the rare occasion that a huckster manages to steal some of the Rhelathian sand, the rangers respond swiftly and violently.  It is illegal for anyone to disturb the Rhelathian sands other than the duly appointed rangers..

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