Endless Blue – Week 87.4 – Jetsam: The Discordants   Leave a comment


The Discordants

There are many in the Known World that envy the Cetacean’s ability of whalesong, and vainly wish they themselves would call out across the waves.  Wherever there is something someone wants, there will be someone there to sell it to them.  Some unethical Resurrectionists claim they can implant a prosthetic that can duplicate the whalesong ability.

Those that pay for the procedure are called Discordants.  As part of the transpiscean movement, non-cetacean individuals have had baleen grafted to the roof of their mouth and their vocal cords altered by anatomists.  It is an expensive operation, so only the most wealthy piscean can afford the procedure.  Because of this, having the implants is considered the cutting edge of fashion daring in the traditionally trend-setting Mer Currents.  There are many, such as the Church of Olyhydra, that outright damn those that get the body modification.

While there are claims, so far there is no proof that anyone that has undergone the surgery has gained the ability to utter whalesong.  But the effect on the voices of those affected is unmistakable.  For those with dreams of becoming a versesinger but were not born cetacean, this may be the only hope.

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