Endless Blue – Week 87.6 – Jetsam: Bluelight and Frothlight   1 comment


Bluelight and Frothlight

Since all wavelengths of light are eventually absorbed by the surround water, pisceans wishing to travel the majority of the Shelf need to bring their own source of artificial light.  The ingenuity of piscean alchemists have cooked up two answers for the problem: Bluelight and Frothlight.

Bluelight is an enclosed, transparent or translucent capsule with bio-luminescent algae inside.  It is the brightest method of artificial light and lasts the longest, but it cannot be turned off and the algea sealed inside the capsule will eventually asphyxiate.  Essentially it is an immediate, one-use item.  Bluelight is also the easier of the two methods to utilize in the wild — simply scoop up some glowing algae into a sheer container.  Since the algea only glow when feeding, bluelight torches are either primed and sealed at time of sale, or contain a fragile/soluble tablet containing the food, which breaks/dissolves after a certain amount of jostling.  Bluelight gets its name from the color that the algae exude when feeding.

Frothlight, on the other hand,  is a container with chemicals of different densities in it that separate when left at rest.  When picked up and shaken, the chemicals intermix and trigger a luminescent effect (hence the moniker, frothlight)..  Over the course of a few minutes to an hour, the mix slowly separates into its constituent chemicals, which can again be shaken to produce the luminescent effect.  Roughly one minute of shaking starts the mixture glowing for five minutes.  The solutions need a thorough mixing to become potent, making large amounts of frothlight more difficult to re-freshen.  Re-useable, but significantly more expensive and time consuming to use.  Frothlight gets its name from the foamy mixture of chemical inside the container.

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