Endless Blue – Week 88.1 – Jetsam: The Kopia Accidence   Leave a comment


The Kopia Accidence

The Kopia Accidence is an Elquan relic from the Bronze Epoch.  It is a polished, hexagonal slab of tholeiitic basalt with three lines of spiraling text carved into its surface.  This mysterious tablet written in three languages: ancient aquelan (root of modern Elquan), solresol (an eight note musical language that was incorporated into Cetacean), and the pictographic Ichtolyphs.  The Accidence served as a grammar book that allows translation of the before untranslatable languages, akin to the Rosetta Stone.

Written as a decree by a pre-khanate warlord of the Cetacean Hordes, it was lost as the Maelstrom swept through and destroyed his pod.  Rediscovered and relost during the infamous Battle of Kopian Fields, one of the darkest moments in the Kraken Occupation.  Finally reclaimed during excavations for the Free Olympiad.

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