Endless Blue – Week 88.3 – Jetsam: Kappa Runes   Leave a comment


Kappa Runes

The Chelon aesthetics known as the Kappa Eremites wander the waters of Elqua, spreading their proactive-yet-pacifistic message to those that are willing to listen.  As an aesthetic movement using counter culture against state- and religious-imposed control.  During their travels, they find places of succor and troves of food.  Scattered throughout their travels, the Eremites have left secret symbols where those in the know will be able to find.

If you know where to look, those Kappa Runes can be found scattered across the sea floor.  Carved into rock, branded into coral, grown in the kelp forests, they are said to glow in the presence of those that need their guidance.  They mark the places where the anathematized, expatriated, and outcast can find solace for a moment.

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