Endless Blue – Week 88.5 – Jetsam: Generating Heat   Leave a comment


Generating heat

It is through observation, a key tenet of the scientific method, that piscean civilization has progressed.  It was the observation of animals like the mantis shrimp that led piscean thinkers to create heat.

Heat and energy can be produced through cavitation.  Cavitation is for formation of vapor cavities in liquid, either through chemical reaction, temperature differential, or intense movement.  The liquid is subjected to a rapid change in pressure, and pockets of vapor are formed as the mechanical movement is converted into heat.  The pocket then collapses, forming a shock wave. Repeated over and over again in succession, sufficient heat and gas can be created.

Should this generation of heat and sound can be harnessed properly, it would be a boon to alchemist whose concoctions hinge on speed for their purity.

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