Endless Blue – Week 89.2 – Jetsam: Fugu Spines   1 comment


Fugu Spines

Fugu spines are the defensive spikes used by the pufferfish to deter predators.  A spine, when removed, appears like a shallow tripod made of calcium with an long extruding tip.  It is this tip that is used to prick the epidermis of the piscean tongue and deliver a small dose of tetrodotoxin, or fugu, into the bloodstream.

The tetrodotoxin causes a sensation of intoxication, light-headedness, and numbness.  This makes the drug a very good candidate for blocking pain.  It was this usage that first introduced the drug to the homeseas of the Known World, when ancient Sahaguin mariners would employ it to keep their minds clear during battle. Witnessing a frenzied Sahaguin warrior hyped up on fugu is a terrifying sight to behold.

Today, there is little difficulty in procuring fugu — a piscean need only hunt one down in the wild — and there is only a modicum of negative stigma associated with spine use.  While the alien physiology of the Lumulus inures them from the either deleterious or advantageous effects of fugu, other pisceans must be more careful to avoid a lethal dose.  However, the Church of Olyhydra, steeped deeply in its dogma of suffering and servitude, is vocal against its use.

“Fugu is a bet with your body;
your life is the stakes…”
— unknown

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