Endless Blue – Week 89.3 – Jetsam: Alchemy Bells   Leave a comment


Alchemy Bell

An alchemy bell is an Inverted bowl that is held over either a chemical seep or gas-releasing chemical reaction.  The resulting gas, since it is less dense than the surround water, is pushed upward to be caught in the bell.  That in turn forces the surrounding sea water out.  Eventually enough gas is collected to fill  the bell and displace all the water.  An alchemist can then enter the bell from below and as long as he holds his breath, can carry out alchemical experiments without the interference of water.

Industrial alchemy bells are lined with spigots that can be attached to hoses which in turn can attach to containers.  Opening the spigot allows the gases with in the bell to be pushed into the container.  Lumulus utilize such alchemical bells over chemical seeps to collect the gasses needed in the production of lumulated metal.

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