Endless Blue – Week 89.5 – Jetsam: Modulo Multiplex   Leave a comment


Modulo Multiplex

A compact tool for computation, working on clockwork.  Used by Synod Synesthetes, but actually designed by an Outlier of the Godless.  Far more advanced than an abacus, which is little more than “keeping your place” in your mind, marked with beads.

A squat tube capped on on either end.  Along the tube are switches that can be moved into one of eight positions.  Along the edge of the top cap are slots where results will appear.  The handle on the top is turned the number of times you want to multiply the number locked in along the length of the tube.  Division is accomplished by locking the number in on the length of the tube and rotating the top backwards.  Addition and subtraction are done by readjusting the locked number and turning once.

This analog calculator is a powerful tool to the Synod, allowing them to perform multiple complex calculations at a speed so rapid the untrained eye would equate as magic.

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