Endless Blue – Week 89.6 – Jetsam: Dark of the Spurs   Leave a comment


Dark of the Spurs

The Spurs have been a mystery for eons to the Known World, but the Aboleths have knowledge passed down since the Cardinal Epoch.  They were there when the Spurs were erected by the Icht, the self-loathing precursor race that the Pantheon wiped out, supplanting them with the pisceans we know today.

The fingernail sized, teardrop shaped indentation on the Spur?  What a strange shape — or for that matter, name — when tears disperse under the water like blooms of algae.  And why are these indentations always on the side of the Spur that faces towards the Spine of the World?

Darker Darks of the Spurs

The indentation is exactly the same size as the tip of the swordfish like nose of an Icth mask. It’s as if to unlock whatever an Icth mask activates on a Spur requires them to stand between the Spine and the Known World.  Why not a charm on a torc or a hand-held key?  And what does this have to do with the dark, oil-like substance that has begun to seep from the other side of Elqua?

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