Endless Blue – Week 90.3 – Flotsam: The Locanthic Pueblos   1 comment


The Locanthic Pueblos

As a nomadic race, the Locanth follow the schools of fish that serve as their sustenace as they migrate.  The Locanth eventually learned and began to predict the pattern of these migrations.  With that knowledge, the found certain places that they could camp at during the season.  Those places were fairly regular, so the Locanth built more permanent housing, their pueblos, so there could be shelter awaiting them ahead as the herds migrated.   As the seasons changed, the Locanth would move from seasonal housing to the next, freeing some of the Locanth’s energy and resources from the need to find and erect shelter on a repeated basis.

What this also means is that, out of season, the pueblos remain unoccupied.  Pisceans friendly to the Locanth have been allowed to rest in these pueblos as they traveled, and eventually a code of conduct emerged that anyplace where Locanthic pueblos are found is neutral water for the weary traveler.  The empty houses welcome anyone that leaves them in the same condition in which they were found.  It is by mutual unspoken agreement that no hostilities may take place at the pueblos: all are welcome.

The Pueblos are usually somewhat out of the way from the more traveled currents, so as to not adversely affect the native life.  Conversely, this also means the inhabitants rarely come into contact with predators while inside the buildings.  Usually the pueblos are built into the side of a steep hill or rock outcropping, and resemble a barnacle or clam.  Multiple buildings are clustered around each other, with portals along the outermost edge and connecting the individual buildings together into a massive network of chambers.

So long as the pueblos are treated honorably, any wayward piscean can find sanctuary within its walls.  Those that don’t eventually find karma catching up to them as Locanth destroy any defiled pueblo.

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