Endless Blue – Week 90.5 – Jetsam: Civilization and the Vastness   Leave a comment


Civilization and the Vastness

The Known World of Elqua is currently experiencing what would be called a burgeoning Renaissance.  Chemistry in the form of alchemy is being codified.  A form of concrete that sets in water has been developed.  The Godless are actively attempting to educate the masses.  Diplomacy between the Fluid Nations was achieved with the eponymous Fluid Nations Accord.  Scientific observation has led to the rise of the College of Doctors and “modern medicine”.  Fauna are tamed by Packbreeders and flora cultivated by Culinists.  Even the formation of the Pearl Papacy in the Church of Olyhydra has heralded an oncoming time of change and enlightenment.

But above the waves, in the reviled hell known as the Vastness, the wilderness is anything but tame.  The surface world is a savage place, populated by massive monstrosities and lethal landforms.  On the scattered islands that make up the only landmass above the water, aberrations that can only be described as alien dinosaurs rule the world.  Their form and function terrify the aquatic pisceans below to such a degree that the world above is universally shunned.  It is the antithesis of life in the nurturing waters, thin and vacuous, swarming with horrible grotesqueness and terminal to all life.

Imagine the soul rending fear early pisceans must have felt when they dared peek up out of the water, their final sight the massive jaws of an aberration clamping down on them.  Or the visage of his oblivious friends as suddenly the waters explode in a swirling froth of red and their friend is suddenly… gone.  Of talons and claws, smashing through the water, skewering the unwary and dragging them from the seabed with such utter force.  The shock wave, both physical and emotional, radiating outward as death plucks another meal from amongst the pisceans.  The cacophonous sound of thrashing gone in an instant, left with nothing but the soft sloshing of the ocean fading in its absence.

“The Vastness is a hungry, lethal expanse that will feed on any life
foolish enough to swim too close to the ebbing tide.”

— unknown


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