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Suminarae, the True Lie

Suminarae is a contradictory Goddess that makes sense.  She is Goddess of beauty and peace, the lie of the outside belying what is within.  Not all that is beautiful on the inside is reflected on the outside, just as inner peace does not quell the unrest of others.  That is where the trickery comes in, the subterfuge, the lies.

She espouses the lies that heal, the passing falsehoods that make up idle talk.  The perfect false self protect the flawed true self from harm.  This is the image of substance, the protection of deceit.  This is why She believes in keeping the populace ignorant, as ignorance is blissful peace.  The romantic metropolis as opposed to the true city, the beautiful seascape versus the monotonous blue, there is ugliness in the truth, and balm in the lies.

It was Suminarae that found the world of Elqua for the Pantheon, that slaughtered its indigenous pisceans to make room for the Pantheon’s immigration.   The race that loathed itself, that denied their own worth, beckoned to Her from across the planes.  They were practically begging for sweet release, and it is Suminarae that now lies about that horror, that covers it up with the lie of omission.

But the Insidious Doubt has more secrets that define Her.  Perhaps the most unexpected lie of Suminarae is that She is not whom Her flock worships.  She is, in fact, the shard of Trishna known as Tornesh, the male twin/face of the Binity of Desire.  Be it the seduction of lies, the lust for the beauty, or the luck of random chance, Tornesh is now a twisted falsehood of His former half-self, a fully free Goddess at peace with Her lies.

Suminarae, the Omission, the True Lie, the Hidden Truth, Insidious Doubt, She Who Knows, Malvy of the Deceit

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: Pearl clenched in a scorpionfish’s mouth.
Domains: Chaos, Healing, Luck, Travel, Trickery.
Preferred Unguis (weapon): Spine
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Spear
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic evil, Chaotic good, chaotic neutral, true neutral.

Divine Visage

Suminarae appears in the form of an ancient scorpionfish, its mottled skin wrinkled and rough, but with piercing white eyes that seem to know more than they should.   Her pectoral and dorsal fins are lined with elongated spines that spread out in delicate curves, and they ripple hypnotically in the water as She swims.  In Her mouth is lodged a huge, flawless Mother-of-Pearl, its ebony iridescence bursting with ultraviolet brilliance.  The ultraviolet light illuminates her surroundings like daylight, but that light is hidden to those whose eyes cannot see the ultraviolet range.

Alone, She looks hideous, but when placed against the surrounding sea floor, the camouflage makes Her beautiful to behold.  Her use of camouflage screams out Her tricky nature, all the while the onlooker stares in awe.  She is portrayed as the blithely stupid, shy, and shallow, hiding the machinations of her deific mind behind a veil of petty illusion.  The outer ugliness hides Her inner beauty, which in turn hides her shameful core.

The Church of Suminarae

Her clergy are called Repentants, and part of their communion is to confess their lies.  Confession is good for the soul, it heals the harm rent by lies.  Even the Kouton tell their secrets to Suminarae — after all, it is the height of gall to try and hide the truth from She Who Know, despite Koutonese culture demanding that secrets be kept.

Suminarae’s Repentants are solitary in nature, as are most all Koutons.  A life of isolation far more extreme than the solitude of Koutonese settlements is thought to make the Repentant eager to confess their lies to Suminarae and keep them from the prying ears of others.  When all alone, no one can learn your secrets.

Shrines and Ceremonies

Shrines to Suminarae are kept hidden.  Only the vaguest idea of where a shrine is located is ever passed on, as part of the earning of absolution is in the quest to find it.  The shrines are usually hidden well, in seaweed beds, coral mazes, or secluded caves.

The requirement to travel is reciprocated, as the Repentants are expected to travel the Known World, seeking out the infirm and suffering.  During this pilgrimage, they coax secrets out of the ill with empty platitudes.  The Repentants apply their placebo-like healing skills where ever there are those that believe in them.  This way, they maintain a cycle of suffering and supplication, assuring Suminarae has more than enough secrets.

Allied Organizations

The College of Doctors often “aids” pilgrimaging Repentants by acting as escorts and applying true scientific medicine in the wake of Suminaraean empty words.  It is a strange relationship, since the parent group of the College of Doctors, the Resurrectionists, seek the reincarnation of the Icth race — the race wiped out by the Repentants’ deity.  Both are thankful to the companionship, but keep the other at arm’s reach.  It is a strained social symbiosis riddled with tension and fear the other will break the fragile alliance.

Opposed Organizations

Fear of discovery is Suminarae’s main reason for opposing the Synesthete Synod.  She directs her Repentants to undergo great lengths to undo the prophetic activities.  She views the Acumen Cipher as the antithesis of deceit: math as the absolute truth, capable of picking out that truth from amongst a thousand lies.  They are a threat to Her Hidden Truth.

For the same reason, but a lesser degree, the Repentants of Suminarae work against the Godless.  As cruel as it may be, keeping the masses uneducated means the less likely they will be to see through Her lies.

The Cryptic System is perhaps the most terrifying for the Church of Suminarae.  Already the System breaks Koutonese culture, spilling secrets whenever it deems just.  Though there seems no evidence the Cryptic System even knows about the Icth, let alone Suminarae’s part in their end, the Goddess has excommunicated any member of the organization.  To the Suminaraeans, they are less than Ceph.

Relations with other Religions

Suminaraeans maintain a positive relationship with all other religions through lies and manipulation.  The Church of Suminaraae is not above pulling tricks like seduction or blackmail to get its way, but always with the advice that those targeted by these tactics are better off accepting the change that is happening.  It is best to confess, but Suminarae is more than willing to help keep your secrets.


Malvy of the Deceit: In the Pantheon, Malvy is a bit of an upstart.  She is characterized as always seeking equality with the other Sins of the Pantheon, but inevitably feels like She is never accepted.  In response, she is the trouble maker in much of Pantheonic folklore, the instigator of troubles, be it by choice or random result of Her actions.  Much the spoiled child, she says and does whatever it takes to get what she wants, consequences be damned.

Cult of the Beautiful Destroyer: The Cult is nearly as old as the Church of Suminarae itself.  While it is comprised of more conservative worshipers of the Hidden Lie, the cult itself is a more reformed version Suminaraean dogma.  Cult teachings state that no lies should be kept, even for the betterment of all, symbolizing Suminarae’s act of euthanasia on the Icht.  The Cult heavily supports the actions of the Cryptic System, yet for some reason maintains the secret of Suminarae’s sin.

“A lie can spread full across the Known World before the truth can even begin to stir.
Because beauty is embraced by instinct, and ugliness repelled by wrote.”

— the insidious truth of She Who Knows.

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