Endless Blue – Week 95.1 – Locanth: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Locanth: Illustrated

While things may have been tranquil here on the Endless Blue website, behind the scenes things have been progressing.  I have been working with some artists to create some art assets to help illustrate the world of Elqua.  One of these artists is Naiche Washburn.

Naiche is finishing an extended commission for me, and here I present the first two pieces of that work: a male and female Locanth:


Locanth Female and Locanth Male, by Naiche Washburn.

Naiche’s take on the Locanth gives them a very ethereal, almost genie-like appearance with their fins.  It’s an interesting mix of tropical fish with a catfish, and the result definitely helps give the race its own identity.

You can find more of Naiche’s art at his ArtStation page, and expect to see more of his work for the Endless Blue setting in the coming weeks.

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