Endless Blue – Week 95.2 – Kouton: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Kouton: Illustrated

The Kouton have a natural “blush”, a change of pigmentation in their skin that betrays their emotional state.  The blush is autonomic and is a dead give away of their temperament.  In the traditional culture of Kouton Bay, denizens wear long, loose robes and hide their faces behind a draped mask in accordance with the taboo of not letting others gain insight into your mindset.  After all, being able to visibly tell what another is feeling gives you an edge in negotiating with them.

However, there are Kouton in the Endless Blue that have immigrated from the Bay of Kouton into the other Fluid Nations, and some of those, as Naiche Washburn has illustrated here, may have chosen to turn their backs on that ancient tradition of hiding their bodies.


Kouton Female and Kouton Male, by Naiche Washburn.

You can visit Naiche’s Wix Gallery to view more of his work.  This is just a portion of the work he’s done for the Endless Blue setting: there’s more to come!

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