Endless Blue – Week 96.1 – Orcan: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Ocran: Illustrated

Once a barbaric race of conqueors, the Orcans rampaged across the oceans of Elqua.  Under the banner of the First Khan, the Cetacean Hordes invaded territories of the other races frequently and viciously.

Eventually the Khanate fell, due to the resistance of the other races and an internal change of philosophy of the Cetacean people.  A schism formed between those that saw the Khanate’s effect on the waters around them and rejected that dogma, and those that clung to the old ways.  This conflict of ideologies resulted in a split in the Cetacean populous, with the adherents of the old traditions embarking on a mass exodus form the Cetacean Ocean.  Those that embraced the new ideals became the Orcans, while those that left eventually settled in the southern hemisphere and became the Narwahl.


Female Orcan and Male Orcan, by Naiche Washburn

The divergent Narwahl have lost their black and white coloration since those ancient times, while the Orcans lost their tusk.  Naiche’s interpretation here is of a neutral, common denominator form: simply color in the traditional killer whale pattern and they are Orcans, or pencil in a snaggletooth to present Narwahl.

We’re only a third of the way through the portairs of the playable character races in the Endless Blue.  Come back throughout the month of March to see more!

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