Endless Blue – Week 96.2 – Mer: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Mer: Illustrated

Of all the pisceans of the Endless Blue, the Mer are the most varied.  While variation of the other Elquan races is minimal if at all, the Mer are an explosion of color and diversity.  Their coloration ranges across all the colors of the spectrum, and their personalities match.  New ideas pique their interest far more than clinging to old traditions, and you can find home for just about any fad somewhere in the Mer Currents.


Male Mer and Female Mer, by Naiche Washburn

Naiche’s work on the Mer helped me solve a minor problem I’d been having for a while: the gill slits.  From almost the first day of creating the Endless Blue setting, I had decided to put the gills of pisceans along their ribs instead of the more traditional location, the neck.  The problem with that choice is that typical clothing as we know it would interfere with breathing.  Naiche came up with the idea of using a patch of netting over the gills  that would not interfere with the breathing process.  Netting can be made of somewhat elastic fibers, allowing clothing to follow the contours of the piscean form and thus saving the intelligent races of the Endless Blue from all wearing nothing but robes.  As netting already has a preexisting connotation with water, it seemed a natural choice.

Naiche’s DeviantArt gallery shows some of his other work, and I’ll be showing of some more later this week!

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