Endless Blue – Week 96.3 – Yaun-Teel: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Yaun-Teel: Illustrated

The Yaun-Teel are a culture steeped in extravagance and decadence.  They have maneuvered their way into becoming the economic center of the Endless Blue, and now reap the rewards of that abundance.  To avoid the inevitable corruption that affluence brings, the Yaun-Teel have incorporated a philosophy into their daily lives called “the Principles of Service“.  This belief that “everybody serves someone else” acts like a checks and balances system that keeps the Yaun-Teel Bights from degenerating into an oligarchy.


Yaun-Teel Female and Yaun-Teel Male by Naiche Washburn

When I got back the sketch for the female Yaun-Teel, I was floored!  I was not expecting the almost photorealistic rendition of the black dress, and the dispersal of her hair really makes you believe it is being buoyed by the currents.  You can check out Naiche’s Pinterest page for more samples of his work.

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