Endless Blue – Week 97.2 – Lumulus: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Lumulus: Illustrated

The Lumulus differ from the other races of the Endless Blue, remote, reserved, and reclusive.  Their demeanor is almost alien in comparison with the other races, but judging from the ruthlessness they’ve shown during outbreaks of the Shellback Wars, they can be just as volatile.

Dwelling along the sea floor of the Lumulus Basin are the artificers known as the Oresmiths.  They harvest ore from beneath the silt and forge it in the thermal vents that litter their homeseas.  With it, they create metals that otherwise could not exist in the corrosive salt water of Elqua’s oceans.


Lumulus Male and Lumulus Female by Naiche Washburn

The Forgeclans — the major divisions of population for the Lumulus — keep the secret of their metal from the other races.  They learned first hand during the Kraken Occupation what a monstrous species can accomplish when perverting their metals to cruel ends.

Here, we see the innate curiosity and perseverance of the Lumulus that led to their development of metallurgy.  For more information about Naiche’s work history, you can visit his linkedin page.

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