Endless Blue – Week 98.1 – Ceph: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Ceph: Illustrated

If it can be said truthfully that the civilized races disdain the primitive species, then there can be no doubt that they all despise on the lowly Ceph.  Abandoned by their dark masters on the eve of complete domination over the oceans of Elqua, the dreaded Kraken were transmogrified from apex predators to bottom feeders.

Having lost their grip on the Known World, the piscean races turned savagely upon their once-powerful overlords.  So horrible was the retribution that the race now called Ceph was almost wiped out.  Desperate to survive, the Ceph fled and hid in the no man’s seas between the Fluid Nations. There they dwelt in secret, hidden among the kelp forests and coral caves, fearful for their lives, but sometimes raiding the wary that wandered too close to their waters.

The hatred for them boiled down as the years past, and the Ceph eventually became known more as a pathetic nuisance rather than valid threat.  The Ceph reluctantly returned to the piscean homeseas, only to be treated by bigoted pisceans as vermin.  It has been a slow, painful process to worm their way into piscean life. Doing so has forced the Ceph to eke out pitiful existences by scavenging off the detritus of the other races.  But ingratiate themselves they have, even if it means being treated as the world’s second class of sentience.


Ceph Female and Ceph Male by Naiche Washburn

Check out Naiche’s Instagram page for more samples of his work.

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