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The Shoals: Illustrated

While the sun-lit waters of the Shore seem idyllic, it is the horizon-less ocean of the Shoals that gives the Endless Blue setting its name and there where the majority of piscean life unfolds.

The Shoals is the second zone of Elqua’s oceans, and like the Shore it is defined by the amount of light that penetrates the depths.  Starting where the wavelengths of yellow light are absorbed by the surrounding water, the Shoals extend down until about 300 feet below the surface, where finally the last bits of blue light fail to reach deeper.  Here, in this zone of cooler coloration, life thrives in a constant state of shade.

Just as the Shore is prime for aquaculture, the Shoals is perfect for shelter.  The Shoals is where the majority of settlements exist.  There is enough light to enable pisceans to watch out not only for oceanic predators such as barracudas, piranhas, or sharks, but severely lethal aquatic catastrophes like red tides, gulfweed sargass0s, and undersea eruptions.  Along this band of the sea floor is where you will find the cities and villages that house the piscean populations.  Above is too close to the Vastness and too dangerous; below is too close to the Source and too hallowed.

This is also the place where most of the seas’ fauna swell in numbers. Great schools of fish, casts of crabs, and myriad other creatures live in abundance among the Shoals.  Here the pisceans themselves become the apex predators, hunting and capturing the native animals for use as food, clothing, and sport.

Shoal by Domenico Neziti

The Shoals by Domenico Neziti

Domenico captures a sense of “pre-twilight” darkness of the Shoals, when sun has finally set but there still lingers the final rays of murky illumination along the horizon.  Check out some of his other work on his DeviantArt page, and maybe even catch a glimpse of something else he’s working on for the Endless Blue…

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