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I am an aspiring author that was side-swiped from that destination by the purchase of a local gaming shop.  I managed All The Fun Stuff for about four years, but I had been involved with the store in one way or another for over 20 years — since I worked there when I was in high school.  I missed the creative outlet of writing very much, but lack the ego necessary to tout my own work to publishers.

Some of my writing accomplishments are:

– I have had articles printed in Polyhedron (“Stench Cow Recipies” #133, “Of Sigil and the Sea” #137) and Dragon Magazine (“Extra Healing” #269).

“Of Sigil and the Sea” is of particular pride to me, as it was illustrated with a map by one of Wizards of the Coast’s Planescape setting cartographers, Rob Lazzaretti. You can find an archived, COLOR copy of the map on the D&D’s Map-a-Week page for 12/21: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/mwa/archive2001

I won the 1997 RPGA Adventure Writing contest with “Heirs of Elemental Evil” that was the two-round Team Event at Origins 2000. I included the various styles of adventures — puzzle, combat, mystery, and roleplaying — all in one adventure where they meshed seamlessly. I still think of this as my best adventure written, even if the main idea is a little on the silly side — babysitting kids. The PCs from that adventure can be found here at the AD&D Hall of Heroes: http://www.hallofhero.com/npc/Etiquette.cfm?id=1

I contributed the third part to the Kargatane’s Children of the Night: Demons project with “Marasmos”.  As always, this adventure was heavily edited, dropping out whole sections using the Nightmare rules and in-depth infection rules.  A copy can still be found on the Kargatane’s web site: http://www.kargatane.com/

Online, you’ll find various articles and pieces written by me, ranging from the serious commentary on gaming and comics to the whimsical fanboy-ishness of filks:


I was one of two winners of Buccaneer Bass’ Five Fingers Contest, (“Cadaver and the Survivors”) as judged by the staff at Privateer Press: http://www.buccaneerbass.com/rls/html/ourmaterial/5fingers.htm

Beside writing, another of my skills is tinkering with a pencil, as can be seen here at my Elfwood page: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/w/j/wjcuffe/wjcuffe.html and my DevianArt page: http://wjcuffe.deviantart.com

–Thanks for reading!
William James Cuffe

Posted May 17, 2013 by William James Cuffe

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