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Endless Blue – Week 88.6 – Jetsam: Aboleth Knowledge   Leave a comment


Aboleth Knowledge

The Aboleths — those aberrations that are trying to fill the vacuum left behind by the extinct Kraken — know full well that the Indigo is coming.  They know where the alien mucus seeps.  They know why is slowly spreads toward the Known World. They know who causes it, and they prepare…

No fools, the puppetmasters are putting their skum thralls into positions of power with the intention of mitigating the effect of the encroaching black water.  Why not use the work of others to their own benefit.

Should the aberations be allowed to fulfill their machinations for control, or should their plans be stopped regardless of the oncoming Indigo? Which price is too high to pay when the result could mean the Endless Black?

Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 17 – The Indigo of Elqua   Leave a comment

The Indigo of Elqua

Fear is a nebulous phantasm, full of dread and anxiety, unseen, hiding around every corner, just out of view, beyond your sight.  Nothing exemplifies this ethereal foreboding more than the nightmare that is known as the Indigo.  Distilled horror, it is an unquenchable hunger for the consumption of all that lives, all that moves, all that is.

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Endless Blue – Week 66 – Wonders of the Aquatic World   2 comments


Wonders of the Aquatic World

Elqua is a world of magnificence and astonishment, both of nature and by the hand of pisceans.  Every locale has its chosen landmark, and will argue until they are blue in the face that their site is the most famous, most magnificent, most historic.  Despite this, there are simply some features of Elqua that hold such beauty and significance that they are labeled “Wonder of the World”.

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Endless Blue – Week 36.6 – Indigo: The Spreading Black Water   3 comments


Indigo: The Spreading Black Water

There are many dangers to life in the Endless Blue.  There are the hazards to life from roaming predatory creatures the size of buildings, and the risks of a neighbor deciding to finally take what he covets.  Organizations pose a menace in their quests for power, and tiny blooms of toxic algae make simply breathing a peril.  But of all these threats, nothing comes close to the encroaching tide of black water.

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