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Endless Blue – Week 85 – Sashelas, the Knowledgeable One   3 comments


Sashelas, the Knowledgeable One

Through introspection is the only method to truly know one’s self, that shows the path to enlightenment and improvement.  Not just improvement of mind, but of body.  Martial excellence is just as vital as keen intellect, as perfecting  the physical form brings out its full potential.

Sashelas is a chaotic god trying to impose law on the world.  He has taken on responsibilities from the absent Ahto that are beyond His domains.  By doing so, Sashelas sees himself as the most important of the gods, shouldering the responsibility of two deities.   Despite one of which he is ill suited for, Sashelas refuses help.

He is husband to Trishna, who has a wandering eye.  Sashelas seems to turn a blind eye to her escapades, but it is unclear if this is because He does not care or because He does not notice.

Sashelas, Lord of the Undersea, the Cetacean Prince, The Knowledgeable One, Superbia of the Pride

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: An upturned cetacean (species varies by congregation)
Domains: Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Protection, War.
Preferred unguis (weapon): None
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Cestus
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic good, chaotic neutral, neutral good, neutral.

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