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Endless Blue – Week 92 – Merrshaulk, the Covetous Collector   2 comments


Merrshaulk, the Covetous Collector

Mortal life is small, it is limited.  Tiny specks in the vast endless blue, vulnerable to the slightest danger.  To the living, life is precious and cannot be extended.  Trapped in just a passing blink of time, with meager ability to produce, inadequate skills to survive, each passing second is lost.

With such a short time in the all-encompassing ocean, with death hunting for you at every moment, austerity is the foolish choice..  The few moments you have, have worth.  Every moment should be squeezed for every precious drop of value.

Your time spent in the service of others instead of yourself therefore requires compensation.  To not take compensation is to not value yourself, to waste that small sliver of a tiny life that cannot be brought back.

The only one that can define the worth of your time is you.  If others cannot meet your expected compensation, then they do not deserve the sacrifice of your time.  Convincing others of your worth is therefore your right.  Demand the most for what you have and what you can do, for no one else will offer you its true worth.

The oceans are plentiful.  The oceans provide.  You need only take what you want, want as much as you can, to warrant your survival.  This encourages the competition for resources, for wealth.  Wealth not just in coinage, but in resources, influence, and power.  This ensures only the most competent survive.  And by hoarding more than you need you prohibit others from meeting their needs.  Never overestimate another’s greed, nor underestimate your own need.

Merrshaulk, the Sagacious, Lord of the Hoard, the Covetous Collector, Avarita of the Greed.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Symbol: A golden eel knotted around an upturned alabaster oyster shell, the eel’s head extending past one side.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery.
Preferred Unguis (weapon): Constriction.
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Netting.
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic evil, chaotic neutral, neutral evil, true neutral.

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Endless Blue – Week 91 – Icthara, the Voracious   3 comments


Icthara, the Voracious

Live to eat; eat to live.  Consumption is the basic need of all living things, the act of taking in nutrition to keep the body alive.  It is the current of life, cyclical, that all things need to thrive.  Eat, eat again, eat more, and grow.  Feed, consume, gorge, for you never know when you might eat again.  Next time, it might be you serving as the meal.  Bottom feeder or apex predator, aquatic flora or Vastness aberration, all must obey the most primal of all urges: eat to survive.

All exists to sate the Endless Hunger.  Not just food, but the living are to consume all that can be digested: drink, drugs, even detritus.  She is the Goddess of Gluttony, not Pride.  The sunken bodies of the dead are as much a feast to Her as the freshest roe.  Even the ley line nexuses fall prey to Icthara’s ravening.  She sups upon their puissance; and like ambrosia, She greedily gobbles it down.

The Queen of the Feast single-mindedly travels across the water world’s seabeds, consuming everything in Her wake with equal relish.

Icthara, the Voracious, the Empress of Consumption, Queen of the Feast, the Endless Hunger

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Symbol: Two rows of three orange hooks, facing downward and inward.
Domains: Animal, Destruction, Evil, Magic, Travel
Preferred Unguis (weapon): Claw.
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Prey catcher (man catcher).
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic evil, neutral evil, lawful evil, true neutral.

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Endless Blue – Week 90.6 – Jetsam: Home of the Gods   Leave a comment


Home of the Gods

The Gods of Elqua are unique in that their realm is the very waters around their worshipers.  There is no equivalent to a Mount Olympus off of some abyssal trench or a perfect realm nestled in another dimension.  The gods of the Pantheon are found in the very waters of the Endless Blue.  Not any one set spot, but freely roaming the oceans like the other denizens of the water world.  The Gods are out there, in the blue, to be experienced by the worthy, the unlucky, or the damned.

The souls of the departed pisceans are believed to either remain, disembodied, among the currents (such as with Ancestor Worshipers) or are absorbed by their higher power (like with those that believe in the Source of all life).  This is where the Church of Olyhydra in different from her deific brethren: She promises her loyal followers an eternal respite from strife as they bask in her presence.  Even the Pantheon, with all its lessons and stories, only insinuates that death is the final end.  Olyhydra promises there is something more, and to a subjugated populace, that is an enticing idea.

Endless Blue – Week 89.2 – Jetsam: Fugu Spines   1 comment


Fugu Spines

Fugu spines are the defensive spikes used by the pufferfish to deter predators.  A spine, when removed, appears like a shallow tripod made of calcium with an long extruding tip.  It is this tip that is used to prick the epidermis of the piscean tongue and deliver a small dose of tetrodotoxin, or fugu, into the bloodstream.

The tetrodotoxin causes a sensation of intoxication, light-headedness, and numbness.  This makes the drug a very good candidate for blocking pain.  It was this usage that first introduced the drug to the homeseas of the Known World, when ancient Sahaguin mariners would employ it to keep their minds clear during battle. Witnessing a frenzied Sahaguin warrior hyped up on fugu is a terrifying sight to behold.

Today, there is little difficulty in procuring fugu — a piscean need only hunt one down in the wild — and there is only a modicum of negative stigma associated with spine use.  While the alien physiology of the Lumulus inures them from the either deleterious or advantageous effects of fugu, other pisceans must be more careful to avoid a lethal dose.  However, the Church of Olyhydra, steeped deeply in its dogma of suffering and servitude, is vocal against its use.

“Fugu is a bet with your body;
your life is the stakes…”
— unknown

Endless Blue – Week 87.5 – Flotsam: The Lernynge Lax, or the Salmon of Knowledge   Leave a comment


The Lernynge Lax, or the Salmon of Knowledge

The tale of the Lernynge Lax is thought to be folklore inspired to help keep the masses of the Known World uneducated.  By shedding personal illumination in a negative context, the more educated hope to keep the population from seeking enlightenment.  Without education, the wealthy keep the advantage in survival to themselves.

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Endless Blue – Week 87.4 – Jetsam: The Discordants   Leave a comment


The Discordants

There are many in the Known World that envy the Cetacean’s ability of whalesong, and vainly wish they themselves would call out across the waves.  Wherever there is something someone wants, there will be someone there to sell it to them.  Some unethical Resurrectionists claim they can implant a prosthetic that can duplicate the whalesong ability.

Those that pay for the procedure are called Discordants.  As part of the transpiscean movement, non-cetacean individuals have had baleen grafted to the roof of their mouth and their vocal cords altered by anatomists.  It is an expensive operation, so only the most wealthy piscean can afford the procedure.  Because of this, having the implants is considered the cutting edge of fashion daring in the traditionally trend-setting Mer Currents.  There are many, such as the Church of Olyhydra, that outright damn those that get the body modification.

While there are claims, so far there is no proof that anyone that has undergone the surgery has gained the ability to utter whalesong.  But the effect on the voices of those affected is unmistakable.  For those with dreams of becoming a versesinger but were not born cetacean, this may be the only hope.

Endless Blue – Week 81 – Olyhydra: The Mistress of Law   8 comments


Olyhydra: The Mistress of Law

Life is toil.  You must work to survive, and even then you are not guaranteed a respite from your labors.  But following the Law is the only path to salvation.  Strict adherence to the dictates of Olyhydra ensures that however brief the anguish in this world, by doing Her bidding secures your reward in the next.  Eschew temptations that steal you away from your work, and dedicate your life to doing Her will.

Unlike most other Elquan religions that foster morality through promises granted in this lifetime, Olyhydra promises eternal salvation after death.  The un-saved are buoyed up to the surface world, where they suffer unending torture and anguish among the aberrations there.  This is why the dead float upward.  It is how things work; it is the natural law.

Olyhydra, The Stern Goddess, Mistress of Law, Mother of Suffering, Matron of the Waters,  Judge-of-All, the Path to Salvation.

Alignment: Lawful neutral
Symbol: Elquan scales and the melusine tail
Domains: Force, Law, Protection, Strength, Water
Preferred unguis (weapon): Bident, a two-tined trident
Clerical Weapon of Choice: Tridents at lower levels (priest through deacon), bidents for upper echelons (bishops on up).
Cleric Alignment: Lawful neutral, neutral, neutral evil, lawful evil.

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