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Endless Blue – Week 93 – Eadro, the Changing Tide   1 comment


Eadro, the Changing Tide

The seasons change, and life under Elqua’s water migrates, abandoning its current seabed for the fresher environment over “there”.  No matter where you are, the seaweed is always greener in the next kelp-bed, the waters clearer around the other coral reef, the fish tastier from another school.  The vibrancy of what you have pales in comparison to what others have.

He is the God of life along the Shore, the Bather of Gills, where flora and fauna intermix.  There, their lives overlap and intertwine, utilizing the virtues each other has to better themselves.  The faithful of Eadro, His Ardent, know this and take it to heart.  The shark is a great hunter.  So Eadro’s Ardent use their teeth for unguis and skin for shagreen.  The octopus is a wily obscurantist.  Thus Eadro’s Ardent harvest their ink occlude the waters and their skin for clothing.  Coral is robust and strong, hence Eadro’s Ardent employ it for hardiness and resilience.

Dissatisfaction with what is when what could be is so much better.  Do not be satisfied with what you have, when it could be better.  By wanting more, you expand your potential,  protect against those with the very qualities you covet.  Those qualities make them superior, put you at a disadvantage.  Take those qualities and make them your own, and you protect yourself from those that will soon use that quality against you.  You are inferior without the qualities that others possess, and others know that.

Eadro, the Deliverer, Lord of the Sunlit Shore, Bather of Gills, the Changing Tide, Invidia of the Envy.

Alignment: Neutral.
Symbol: A spiral of green seaweed, swirling with fish, circling outward at a greater and greater arc.
Domains: Animal, Luck, Magic, Travel, War.
Preferred Unguis (weapon): Spear.
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Spear.
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic neutral, lawful neutral, neutral evil, neutral good, true neutral.

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Endless Blue – Week 90.7 – Suminarae, the True Lie   1 comment


Suminarae, the True Lie

Suminarae is a contradictory Goddess that makes sense.  She is Goddess of beauty and peace, the lie of the outside belying what is within.  Not all that is beautiful on the inside is reflected on the outside, just as inner peace does not quell the unrest of others.  That is where the trickery comes in, the subterfuge, the lies.

She espouses the lies that heal, the passing falsehoods that make up idle talk.  The perfect false self protect the flawed true self from harm.  This is the image of substance, the protection of deceit.  This is why She believes in keeping the populace ignorant, as ignorance is blissful peace.  The romantic metropolis as opposed to the true city, the beautiful seascape versus the monotonous blue, there is ugliness in the truth, and balm in the lies.

It was Suminarae that found the world of Elqua for the Pantheon, that slaughtered its indigenous pisceans to make room for the Pantheon’s immigration.   The race that loathed itself, that denied their own worth, beckoned to Her from across the planes.  They were practically begging for sweet release, and it is Suminarae that now lies about that horror, that covers it up with the lie of omission.

But the Insidious Doubt has more secrets that define Her.  Perhaps the most unexpected lie of Suminarae is that She is not whom Her flock worships.  She is, in fact, the shard of Trishna known as Tornesh, the male twin/face of the Binity of Desire.  Be it the seduction of lies, the lust for the beauty, or the luck of random chance, Tornesh is now a twisted falsehood of His former half-self, a fully free Goddess at peace with Her lies.

Suminarae, the Omission, the True Lie, the Hidden Truth, Insidious Doubt, She Who Knows, Malvy of the Deceit

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: Pearl clenched in a scorpionfish’s mouth.
Domains: Chaos, Healing, Luck, Travel, Trickery.
Preferred Unguis (weapon): Spine
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Spear
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic evil, Chaotic good, chaotic neutral, true neutral.

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Endless Blue – Week 89.5 – Jetsam: Modulo Multiplex   Leave a comment


Modulo Multiplex

A compact tool for computation, working on clockwork.  Used by Synod Synesthetes, but actually designed by an Outlier of the Godless.  Far more advanced than an abacus, which is little more than “keeping your place” in your mind, marked with beads.

A squat tube capped on on either end.  Along the tube are switches that can be moved into one of eight positions.  Along the edge of the top cap are slots where results will appear.  The handle on the top is turned the number of times you want to multiply the number locked in along the length of the tube.  Division is accomplished by locking the number in on the length of the tube and rotating the top backwards.  Addition and subtraction are done by readjusting the locked number and turning once.

This analog calculator is a powerful tool to the Synod, allowing them to perform multiple complex calculations at a speed so rapid the untrained eye would equate as magic.

Endless Blue – Week 73 – Societies Submerged in Shadow   11 comments


Societies Submerged in Shadow

Just as there are great dangers lurking in the dark of the ocean abyss, there are conspiratorial organizations hiding among the pisceans of Elqua.  Spoken of in hushed tones, these manipulative groups seek power and wealth for their own purposes, and are quite willing to sacrifice anything, or anyone, that tries to impede them.  They are the shadow societies of the Endless Blue, the moving dark that works for its own sake.

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Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 10 – The Religions of Elqua   1 comment

Part five of the summation of key points in the ENDLESS BLUE setting, this time covering the types of religion found in the Known World.

The Religions of Elqua

Worship is common below the waves.  Its allure to the average piscean has been likened to the soothing balm of a current as well as an analgesic for the tortured soul.  Its effects are miraculous, enabling the most down trodden to desperately cling to hope in the face of utter despair.  Some religious systems are kind, others cruel; some are structured, yet other informal.

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Endless Blue – Week 66 – Wonders of the Aquatic World   2 comments


Wonders of the Aquatic World

Elqua is a world of magnificence and astonishment, both of nature and by the hand of pisceans.  Every locale has its chosen landmark, and will argue until they are blue in the face that their site is the most famous, most magnificent, most historic.  Despite this, there are simply some features of Elqua that hold such beauty and significance that they are labeled “Wonder of the World”.

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Endless Blue – Week 40 – The Resurrectionists: Tailors of the Fabric that is Flesh   9 comments


Resurrectionists — Tailors of the Fabric that is Flesh

Purveyors of the dead, dealers in dark magicks.  These are what the populace would call necromancers, dabblers in the animation of corpses.  But those that seek knowledge of the dead prefer the more neutral title: Resurrectionists.  Despite the conjured image of twisted souls perverting the sanctity of departed love ones to serve out some abstract nefarious goal, the Resurrectionists actually employ their misunderstood art for the betterment of the water world as a whole.  One part caring healer of the sick, another part environmentally conscious recycler, and a final part questor for eternal life, the Resurrectionists see themselves as the answer to the Known Worlds current problems.

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