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Endless Blue – Week 95.1 – Locanth: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Locanth: Illustrated

While things may have been tranquil here on the Endless Blue website, behind the scenes things have been progressing.  I have been working with some artists to create some art assets to help illustrate the world of Elqua.  One of these artists is Naiche Washburn.

Naiche is finishing an extended commission for me, and here I present the first two pieces of that work: a male and female Locanth:


Locanth Female and Locanth Male, by Naiche Washburn.

Naiche’s take on the Locanth gives them a very ethereal, almost genie-like appearance with their fins.  It’s an interesting mix of tropical fish with a catfish, and the result definitely helps give the race its own identity.

You can find more of Naiche’s art at his ArtStation page, and expect to see more of his work for the Endless Blue setting in the coming weeks.

Endless Blue – Week 93 – Eadro, the Changing Tide   1 comment


Eadro, the Changing Tide

The seasons change, and life under Elqua’s water migrates, abandoning its current seabed for the fresher environment over “there”.  No matter where you are, the seaweed is always greener in the next kelp-bed, the waters clearer around the other coral reef, the fish tastier from another school.  The vibrancy of what you have pales in comparison to what others have.

He is the God of life along the Shore, the Bather of Gills, where flora and fauna intermix.  There, their lives overlap and intertwine, utilizing the virtues each other has to better themselves.  The faithful of Eadro, His Ardent, know this and take it to heart.  The shark is a great hunter.  So Eadro’s Ardent use their teeth for unguis and skin for shagreen.  The octopus is a wily obscurantist.  Thus Eadro’s Ardent harvest their ink occlude the waters and their skin for clothing.  Coral is robust and strong, hence Eadro’s Ardent employ it for hardiness and resilience.

Dissatisfaction with what is when what could be is so much better.  Do not be satisfied with what you have, when it could be better.  By wanting more, you expand your potential,  protect against those with the very qualities you covet.  Those qualities make them superior, put you at a disadvantage.  Take those qualities and make them your own, and you protect yourself from those that will soon use that quality against you.  You are inferior without the qualities that others possess, and others know that.

Eadro, the Deliverer, Lord of the Sunlit Shore, Bather of Gills, the Changing Tide, Invidia of the Envy.

Alignment: Neutral.
Symbol: A spiral of green seaweed, swirling with fish, circling outward at a greater and greater arc.
Domains: Animal, Luck, Magic, Travel, War.
Preferred Unguis (weapon): Spear.
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Spear.
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic neutral, lawful neutral, neutral evil, neutral good, true neutral.

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Endless Blue — Player Race Illustrations by Vincent Coviello   Leave a comment

In the fall of 2013, I had the pleasure of commissioning a series of nine digital paintings by Vincent Coviello (V4m2c4 on DeviantArt).  Each image has a tight line drawing, a full color illustration (as seen below), and a final background composite.  Many of the magnificent details in these drawings came from Vincent himself, and his input was spot on.  During the whole process I could not help myself from checking my email compulsively for the newest sketch or update.  I may have suffered a little bit of withdrawal when he finished the project.

Illustrations of the player races in the Endless Blue Campaign Setting.

Illustrations of the player races in the Endless Blue Campaign Setting.


This and some of his other work has been recently featured on in the article “Can We Please Have More Diverse Dragon Designs Like These?”  His hard work and talent are plain to see.  It was a pleasure working with Vincent, and hopefully, someday I will again…

Endless Blue – Week 71 – The Pecuniary Stream   2 comments


The Pecuniary Stream

The major flow of trade amongst the Fluid Nations takes place via a route known as the Pecuniary Stream.  This jet stream is like the Silk Road or the Oregon Trail — a lengthy yet well-travelled course across the Known World that caravans frequently follow, bringing trade goods to settlements along the path.  The branching route covers over 9,000 kilometers and has tributaries in each of the eight homeseas, making it a major factor in the flourishing of civilization on Elqua.

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Endless Blue – Week 70 – Vitruvian Locanth   2 comments


Vitruvian Locanth

Situated south of the vast Cetacean Ocean and north of the deep Lumulus Basin, the Gulf of Locanth is a large spread of tropic shoals.  The relatively shallow depths over great expanse keeps the area bathed in sunlight.  As a result, the native flora and fauna flourished in bountiful waters.  Over the eons the balance of life has become fine tuned to the point that some describe the bay as “paradise amongst the waves”.  The few top tier predators that prowl the seas here are mostly loners and not generally over aggressive.  Intermediate animals have enough plankton and plant life to thrive, which themselves have the plentiful access to sunlight to bloom.  The waters between the equator and the Tropic of Kraken are consistently mild in temperature, and provide a stabilizing environment for the spread of coral and pelagic sea creatures.  The overall effect is an ecosystem of myriad creatures co-existing in a tranquil sense of equilibrium.

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Endless Blue – Week 69 – Vitruvian Yaun-Teel   4 comments


Vitruvian Yaun-Teel

In the cold, northern reaches of the Known World are a series of bights where the Yaun-Teel call home.  These shallow bays are the central hub for the vast mercantile organization that powers the Yaun-Teel government.  With little natural resources of their own the Yaun-Teel have set themselves up as masters of trade, and positioned themselves as one of the most economically rich of the Fluid Nations.  As such, they are afforded much more leniency when interacting with the other Piscean races, and their practice of slavery is many times endured in order to maintain favor.  The influence of the Yaun-Teel mercantile caste is far-reaching and deep.  Perhaps only the Locanth are beyond the financial manipulations of the Merchants of the Grand Bazaar.

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Endless Blue – Week 68 – Vitruvian Sahaguin   1 comment


Vitruvian Sahaguin

Prowling the waters south of the Creche of Civilization are the aggressive Sahaguin.  The area is known as the Sahaguin Lagoons, and is most notable for its shallow, submerged plains.  These plains support a disproportionate amount of life that straddles the border between the waters and the Vastness.  Great trees grow up out of the water, breaking the surface and blooming in the Vastness.  The ecosystem here has evolved in such a way as the lines between surface aberration and aquatic society have become blurred.  Great, massive creatures, like extraterrestrial dinosaurs, wade through these waters.  And among their footsteps, the Sahaguin hunt.

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