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Endless Blue – Week 87.5 – Flotsam: The Lernynge Lax, or the Salmon of Knowledge   Leave a comment


The Lernynge Lax, or the Salmon of Knowledge

The tale of the Lernynge Lax is thought to be folklore inspired to help keep the masses of the Known World uneducated.  By shedding personal illumination in a negative context, the more educated hope to keep the population from seeking enlightenment.  Without education, the wealthy keep the advantage in survival to themselves.

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Endless Blue – Week 79 – Tidal Malaise: Sickness in the Seas   1 comment


Tidal Malaise

Wherever life thrives, other forms of life evolve to prey upon it.  Such is the ancestry of the great oceanic predators like the carcharadons and pleisosaurs, but not all aggressive creatures embraced the evolutionary path that led to massive size.  Some of the most lethal forms of life in Elqua are too small to be seen.  These are the microbes and viruses that take advantage of the ocean currents to travel from host to perspective victim.

Complete submersion makes transmission of communicable diseases easier.  Unlike our world, where the air makes it somewhat more easy to avoid contaminated sources, water flows every where, and eventually through the gills of all pisceans.  Because it is so easy to catch a disease when you float in shared fluid, Elquan society has created social taboos and mores to govern daily life, all with an eye on preventing the spread of maladies.  Dietary constraints are a major deterrent used by piscean life, and especially the Church of Olyhydra.  The lists of animals and plants that are deemed “unclean” by the Olyhydran dogma is long and convoluted.  Further sanctions on where bodily waste may be expelled, avoidance of spawning waters, and a myriad of other laws dictate the life of the devout Olyhydran.  It is no faint claim that Olyhydrans call their diety “the Harsh Mistress”.

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Endless Blue – Week 71 – The Pecuniary Stream   2 comments


The Pecuniary Stream

The major flow of trade amongst the Fluid Nations takes place via a route known as the Pecuniary Stream.  This jet stream is like the Silk Road or the Oregon Trail — a lengthy yet well-travelled course across the Known World that caravans frequently follow, bringing trade goods to settlements along the path.  The branching route covers over 9,000 kilometers and has tributaries in each of the eight homeseas, making it a major factor in the flourishing of civilization on Elqua.

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Endless Blue – Week 68 – Vitruvian Sahaguin   1 comment


Vitruvian Sahaguin

Prowling the waters south of the Creche of Civilization are the aggressive Sahaguin.  The area is known as the Sahaguin Lagoons, and is most notable for its shallow, submerged plains.  These plains support a disproportionate amount of life that straddles the border between the waters and the Vastness.  Great trees grow up out of the water, breaking the surface and blooming in the Vastness.  The ecosystem here has evolved in such a way as the lines between surface aberration and aquatic society have become blurred.  Great, massive creatures, like extraterrestrial dinosaurs, wade through these waters.  And among their footsteps, the Sahaguin hunt.

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Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 15 – The Spurs of Elqua   Leave a comment

The Spurs of Elqua

There are some strange sights in the waters of Elqua: moving islands, vibrant ley lines, and creatures that nearly defy description.  One of the rarest of these unique features of the ENDLESS BLUE are the little known, and even less understood, Spurs.

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Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 07 – The Nations of Elqua   2 comments

The second in a series of synopses bringing information from the ENDLESS BLUE website into a concise digest for Kickstarter pledgers.

The Nations of Elqua

As is seemingly inherent in the growth of populations, the species of the ENDLESS BLUE have established communities and formed borders, creating their own nations over the bonds of common need.  Now, these separations based on local oceanography are getting a little crowded, and expansion is the only way to meet those needs.  These are the Nations of the Known World, the explored portion of Elqua that is cordoned off by the Spine of the World.  They are encircled by that massive chain of archipelagos, too difficult to cross due to the three-moon tides and the hostile aberrations of the Vastness, thus stunting expansion outward to the other hemisphere of the globe.

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