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Endless Blue – Week 86 – Trishna, the Binity of Desire   2 comments


Trishna, the Binity of Desire

Trishna is a two-sided goddess, embodying both monogamous love and unabashed debauchery.  She is both the tenderness of love and the desperation of lust; the innocence of youth and the wisdom of parturition.  The need for play and the fulfillment of employment.  With this two-sided nature, She is treated as two deities, twins: Trishna and Her twin brother Tornesh.  Unity in Binity.  They are extensions of the same divinity, treated as one, referred to as either.

Her dogma is seductive.  Give in to temptation.  Experience everything. Revel with abandon.  Life is to be experienced first hand, to be filtered through all the senses, embraced and given into with all the passion one can muster.  Trishna represents all aspects of hedonism, metered out through the cycle of life.  To Her, spawning of children is a blessing; the act just as holy as the offspring.  Every aspect of survival of the species is espoused as sacrament.  A sin, to a Trishnan, is to deny one’s urges, to spurn one’s child, to purposely break a heart, to live in anguish, to languish in numbness.

She is wed to Sashelas, and is truly devoted to him.  Yet, Her very nature inevitably leads her astray.   Polyamorous and omnisexual, Trishna is the very act of reproduction.  At Her core, Trishna embodies the intrinsic urge to continue the bloodline.  Sex is holy.  The more, the better.

Trishna, Soul of Desire, the Libertine Muse, Seducer of All, Luxuria of the Lust

Alignment: Lawful Good
Symbol: Two koi — one melanistic, the other albino — swimming in circles after the other’s tail.
Domains: Good, Law, Magic, Strength, Trickery.
Preferred Unguis (weapon): Net
Clerical Unguis of Choice: None (Manipulation, see below)
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic good, Lawful neutral, neutral good, neutral.

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Endless Blue – Week 85 – Sashelas, the Knowledgeable One   3 comments


Sashelas, the Knowledgeable One

Through introspection is the only method to truly know one’s self, that shows the path to enlightenment and improvement.  Not just improvement of mind, but of body.  Martial excellence is just as vital as keen intellect, as perfecting  the physical form brings out its full potential.

Sashelas is a chaotic god trying to impose law on the world.  He has taken on responsibilities from the absent Ahto that are beyond His domains.  By doing so, Sashelas sees himself as the most important of the gods, shouldering the responsibility of two deities.   Despite one of which he is ill suited for, Sashelas refuses help.

He is husband to Trishna, who has a wandering eye.  Sashelas seems to turn a blind eye to her escapades, but it is unclear if this is because He does not care or because He does not notice.

Sashelas, Lord of the Undersea, the Cetacean Prince, The Knowledgeable One, Superbia of the Pride

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: An upturned cetacean (species varies by congregation)
Domains: Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Protection, War.
Preferred unguis (weapon): None
Clerical Unguis of Choice: Cestus
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic good, chaotic neutral, neutral good, neutral.

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Endless Blue – Week 83 – Ahto, the Indifferent Sophist   4 comments


Ahto, the Indifferent Sophist

It is easier to go along with the flow of the tide than to swim against it.  Too much worry and pain stems from trying to alter that which is not alterable, to react out of emotion instead of contemplation.  Whatever will happen, will happen, and you will survive it if you do not struggle against it.

Ahto was once a god of creation, credited with the complexities of Elqua’s coral reefs and the lattice-work of ley lines.  As His concern spread across all the globe more and more, the minutia of every tiny plankton and protozoa has consumed all of His attention.  Slowly, the god’s attention has dwindled away from His faithful.

Now a withdrawn god, Ahto is more intent on contemplating the larger issues of Elqua’s existence; the course of her currents, the health of her biomes.  With each passing moment He is drawn deeper into a megalithic abyss of contemplation, and He sighs.

As Ahto has become more withdrawn, He communicates less frequently and more abstractly with his congregation, as His attention is focused elsewhere.  Instead, he depends on established dogma to guide his flock’s travels.  His lessons teach that focusing attention on an obstacle and forcing it aside is foolhardy.  Now that the Creator of Coral has given the gift of Xanthellae to His faithful, it is their responsibility to carry on His work.  His attention lies elsewhere…

Ahto, the Indifferent, the Sophist, the Reclusive Sage, Creator of Coral, Xanthellaette, Acedia of the Despair

Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: Wave of water
Domains: Animal, Good, Luck, Magic, Protection.
Preferred unguis (weapon): None
Clerical Weapon of Choice: Any
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic good, lawful good, neutral good, neutral.

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Endless Blue – Week 81 – Olyhydra: The Mistress of Law   8 comments


Olyhydra: The Mistress of Law

Life is toil.  You must work to survive, and even then you are not guaranteed a respite from your labors.  But following the Law is the only path to salvation.  Strict adherence to the dictates of Olyhydra ensures that however brief the anguish in this world, by doing Her bidding secures your reward in the next.  Eschew temptations that steal you away from your work, and dedicate your life to doing Her will.

Unlike most other Elquan religions that foster morality through promises granted in this lifetime, Olyhydra promises eternal salvation after death.  The un-saved are buoyed up to the surface world, where they suffer unending torture and anguish among the aberrations there.  This is why the dead float upward.  It is how things work; it is the natural law.

Olyhydra, The Stern Goddess, Mistress of Law, Mother of Suffering, Matron of the Waters,  Judge-of-All, the Path to Salvation.

Alignment: Lawful neutral
Symbol: Elquan scales and the melusine tail
Domains: Force, Law, Protection, Strength, Water
Preferred unguis (weapon): Bident, a two-tined trident
Clerical Weapon of Choice: Tridents at lower levels (priest through deacon), bidents for upper echelons (bishops on up).
Cleric Alignment: Lawful neutral, neutral, neutral evil, lawful evil.

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Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 10 – The Religions of Elqua   1 comment

Part five of the summation of key points in the ENDLESS BLUE setting, this time covering the types of religion found in the Known World.

The Religions of Elqua

Worship is common below the waves.  Its allure to the average piscean has been likened to the soothing balm of a current as well as an analgesic for the tortured soul.  Its effects are miraculous, enabling the most down trodden to desperately cling to hope in the face of utter despair.  Some religious systems are kind, others cruel; some are structured, yet other informal.

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Endless Blue – Week 21 – The Narrowing Moral Compass   7 comments


The Narrowing Moral Compass

Through eyes wide with innocence from their ignorance, primitive pisceans looked at the rolling oceans around them and were bewildered by complexity of it all; how the currents moved, how the waters darkened, how life interacted.  As their minds mulled over these secrets of existence, concepts began to fill in the unfathomable gaps of their knowledge with allegory and myth.  They attributed these ideas to beings greater than themselves, to deities that had originally created them and now guide them through the trails of life in Elqua’s seas.

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