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Endless Blue – Week 87.3 – Flotsam: The All Colored Sands of Rhelathia   Leave a comment


The All Colored Sands of Rhelathia

Located in the Sahaguin Lagoons, this secluded lagoon is noted for the brightly colored sands that line the ocean floor.  Ranging in color from red through ultraviolet, the sands naturally form layers when at rest, giving the sea bed a striped look.  Even when disturbed and mixed, the size of the various grains of sand eventually filter down, restoring the original layered look.  The natural lapping motion of the waves, makes the Shore sandbar look like a many layered candy.

As demonstration of tourists, specially trained Sahaguin rangers will use the colored sands to draw out beautiful and elaborate murals on the lagoon seabed.  The tools used are similar to hoes and rakes, as well as a technique of collecting specific colored sand beforhand and sprinkling it across the shoreline.

The separation effect, coupled with the natural tide, is just quick enough for patient observers to witness without loosing interest.  Each day the ranger paint a new vista with sand, and slowly the artwork fades into memory.

Local folklore say the sorting sands are the result of the Fry of the Black Mangrove, spirits of orphaned children, coloring the dark world around them.  In fact, the mischievous Fry are a favorite subject for the sand paintings, and through the years of retelling, a vibrant history was created in place of a simple old wife’s tale meant to frighten children into behaving.

Unscrupulous pisceans try to sell pouches of the magic sand to visitors.  Most of the time, the sand is normal particulate matter collect by the hucksters.  On the rare occasion that a huckster manages to steal some of the Rhelathian sand, the rangers respond swiftly and violently.  It is illegal for anyone to disturb the Rhelathian sands other than the duly appointed rangers..

Endless Blue – Week 82 – Sekolah the Dominar   5 comments


Sekolah the Dominar

Life is divided into two parts: the prey, and the predator.  Every living thing consumes something lower than itself for sustenance.  It is this predacious cycle that elevates the lowest wretch to higher standing.  Sekolah is the apex predator, and his chosen are His school, destined to hunt the horizon-less oceans for eternity.  Eat or be eaten; but be sure you’re the former.

To say Sekolah does not care about his followers is to misunderstand the religion’s dogma.  It isn’t that He does not care for them; instead He insists they take care of themselves.  Sekolah personifies the belief of “only the fittest shall survive”, and His greatest desire is nothing less than all His congregation should survive.  It is His greatest commandment, and it cannot be accomplished by mollycoddling they young fry.  If a sahaguin cannot survive on its own skill, it does not deserve to live.

Sekolah, the Dominar, the Great Predator, Devourer of All

Alignment: Lawful evil
Symbol: A shark
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength, War.
Preferred unguis (weapon): Jaws
Clerical Weapon of Choice: Jaws. claws, cestus
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic evil, lawful evil, neutral, neutral evil.

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Endless Blue – Week 75 – Ceph Unguisurfing   2 comments


Ceph Unguisurfing

Despite the fact Elqua’s surface is 95% covered in water, the pisceans of the Known World reside in an ever more confined space in the Eastern Hemisphere.  With seabed capable of supporting aquaculture solely found near the surface of the water, only so much food can be produced.  But just being close enough to the surface to farm makes those pisceans vulnerable to the aberrations of the Vastness.  Safe farming land is rare, so most centers of population group in the Shoals areas of Elqua’s oceans.  With few races other than the Lumulus and Orcans capable of surviving the crushing depths of the Shelf, that leaves a limited band of living space in the Shoals for populations to form settlements.  As the years go by, the piscean population increases, yet the amount of natural habitat stays limited.  The Fluid Nations have all done their share of deforestation of the world’s kelp farms and coral reefs, despite the protestations of the Locanth and those Xanthellaette Chelon.  Despite this, it is clear that more room is needed, and this has resulted in border disputes and incursions into sovereign territories.

The most affected by this population expansion are the Ceph.  They have no homesea of their own, and instead must survive in the nooks and crannies of the other nations.  The more indignant of these, dissatisfied with eking out an existence at the tail fins of the other races, dwell among the Periphery.  But as the Fluid Nations expand, the Periphery is shrinking.  There is only so much space between the Core and the natural barrier around the planet created by the Spine of the World.  Virgin waterways that once allowed the fallen Kraken the protection needed until they finished their de-evolution into the Ceph of today are rapidly diminishing.  Their race is being squeezed out of the natural ecosystem, and this loss of habitat has forced them into the urban areas.

There they find niches to live that other pisceans would find beneath them.  The Ceph survive by collecting the left over scraps and trash of the other races.  It is a demeaning existence for a species that once dominated the water world, and it is this way of life that justifies some in labeling them “untouchables”.  They have no rights under the Fluid Nations Accord, thus have no recourse when locals push them further and further out to sea.  A life of urban scavenging, keeping themselves hidden from bigoted sight, and being treated as less than animals has turned the ancestral shame the Ceph feel into anger.  That anger has festered, and some of their number have succumbed to its malign influence, and become violent.

So far, there is no concerted organization in the Ceph cells, and no targeted offensive against the other races.  The militants act more as scavengers, attacking the weak and unwary when the need arises.  However, whispers are being heard on the currents of new activity amongst the Ceph militant cells.  There are stories the Ceph rebels are being armed by some unknown source.  Halberds, tridents, and shorts swords of an unknown make are being spotted in the grasp of these indigents.

Unknown Halberd -- Illus. by Gergő Soós

Halberd of Unknown Origin — Illus. by Gergő Soós

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Endless Blue – Week 74 – The Conch Lock of Curin’s Pass   2 comments


The Conch Lock of Curin’s Pass

The pisceans of the Endless Blue are true architects, planning cities, designing shelter, and building monuments.  The sheer depth of Elqua’s oceans means other than settlements along the Shore, there is little chance for a piscean structure to break the surface of the water.  Aside from the mad vision Magistrate Talmadgius may hold, the largest hand-made structure that extends beyond the wave-tops is the infamous Conch Lock.

The Conch Lock is a contiguous wall linking the islands that make up the Maw.  The erected barriers form a fortified defense around what was once the heart of the Kraken Empire.  Created early during the rise of the Kraken, the wall was built to protect the center of Kraken power.  It served its designed purpose well, remaining unscathed during the final days of the rebellion and the Siege of Andropoli, remaining intact to this very day.  If not for the abandonment of the Kraken by their dark benefactors, the damnable creatures would still live to this day behind their sullen wall.

From sea floor to breaking waves, these large monolithic walls block off the Maw from the rest of the Known World.  The walls themselves are made of great slabs of granite, hoisted into place my the powerful tentacles of the Kraken themselves.  While it was very common during that period for Kraken to force slave labor into erecting their monuments, the sheer size and weight of these granite slabs was beyond the range of the lowly piscean races.  The excavation and stoneworking of these slabs, however, was the toil of slaves.  Strip mining was used to dig the silt, sand, and earth away from the buried granite, and the left behind pits around the Maw leave a pattern with more than a passing resemblance to suction cups from gargantuan tentacles.  Most of the ecology around the Maw and these Tentacle Pits is ruined, leaving behind the eerie remains of coral and upturned rock.

Map of Curin's Pass

The path of Curin’s Pass through the Maw

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Endless Blue – Week 71 – The Pecuniary Stream   3 comments


The Pecuniary Stream

The major flow of trade amongst the Fluid Nations takes place via a route known as the Pecuniary Stream.  This jet stream is like the Silk Road or the Oregon Trail — a lengthy yet well-travelled course across the Known World that caravans frequently follow, bringing trade goods to settlements along the path.  The branching route covers over 9,000 kilometers and has tributaries in each of the eight homeseas, making it a major factor in the flourishing of civilization on Elqua.

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Endless Blue – Week 68 – Vitruvian Sahaguin   1 comment


Vitruvian Sahaguin

Prowling the waters south of the Creche of Civilization are the aggressive Sahaguin.  The area is known as the Sahaguin Lagoons, and is most notable for its shallow, submerged plains.  These plains support a disproportionate amount of life that straddles the border between the waters and the Vastness.  Great trees grow up out of the water, breaking the surface and blooming in the Vastness.  The ecosystem here has evolved in such a way as the lines between surface aberration and aquatic society have become blurred.  Great, massive creatures, like extraterrestrial dinosaurs, wade through these waters.  And among their footsteps, the Sahaguin hunt.

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Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 07 – The Nations of Elqua   2 comments

The second in a series of synopses bringing information from the ENDLESS BLUE website into a concise digest for Kickstarter pledgers.

The Nations of Elqua

As is seemingly inherent in the growth of populations, the species of the ENDLESS BLUE have established communities and formed borders, creating their own nations over the bonds of common need.  Now, these separations based on local oceanography are getting a little crowded, and expansion is the only way to meet those needs.  These are the Nations of the Known World, the explored portion of Elqua that is cordoned off by the Spine of the World.  They are encircled by that massive chain of archipelagos, too difficult to cross due to the three-moon tides and the hostile aberrations of the Vastness, thus stunting expansion outward to the other hemisphere of the globe.

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