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Endless Blue – Week 83 – Ahto, the Indifferent Sophist   4 comments


Ahto, the Indifferent Sophist

It is easier to go along with the flow of the tide than to swim against it.  Too much worry and pain stems from trying to alter that which is not alterable, to react out of emotion instead of contemplation.  Whatever will happen, will happen, and you will survive it if you do not struggle against it.

Ahto was once a god of creation, credited with the complexities of Elqua’s coral reefs and the lattice-work of ley lines.  As His concern spread across all the globe more and more, the minutia of every tiny plankton and protozoa has consumed all of His attention.  Slowly, the god’s attention has dwindled away from His faithful.

Now a withdrawn god, Ahto is more intent on contemplating the larger issues of Elqua’s existence; the course of her currents, the health of her biomes.  With each passing moment He is drawn deeper into a megalithic abyss of contemplation, and He sighs.

As Ahto has become more withdrawn, He communicates less frequently and more abstractly with his congregation, as His attention is focused elsewhere.  Instead, he depends on established dogma to guide his flock’s travels.  His lessons teach that focusing attention on an obstacle and forcing it aside is foolhardy.  Now that the Creator of Coral has given the gift of Xanthellae to His faithful, it is their responsibility to carry on His work.  His attention lies elsewhere…

Ahto, the Indifferent, the Sophist, the Reclusive Sage, Creator of Coral, Xanthellaette, Acedia of the Despair

Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: Wave of water
Domains: Animal, Good, Luck, Magic, Protection.
Preferred unguis (weapon): None
Clerical Weapon of Choice: Any
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic good, lawful good, neutral good, neutral.

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