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Endless Blue – Week 90.1 – Flotsam: It’ipui Dam on I’uaza Falls   Leave a comment


It’ipu Dam on I’uaza Falls

Properly named It’ipui’uaza, this construct is located to the south of the Lumulus Basin, along a spread of mountains in the Spine of the World.  It is a massive dam against the O’eanlos brine river where it formed a brine waterfall known as I’uaza Falls.

The O’eanlos brine river is formed by the southern icecap.  As water freezes, the dissolved salt and other constituents become more dense, eventually sinking to the sea floor and forming the phenomenon of a underwater river.  The salinity keeps the frigid water from solidifying, and without freezing the river draws the extremely cold water toward the edge of the cliffs to form I’uaza Falls.

With the construction of the It’ipu Dam, the I’uaza Falls were bottled.  The restricted flow of brine water has formed a reservoir at the top of the cliff, and a huge salt lake surrounded by jagged hills of stone has formed behind the dam.  It was here, submerged under water so saline it would desiccate any bare flesh that dared enter it, that the Ur’qwal’she — the Perfection of Form — was hidden during the Kraken Occupation.

Shaped like a giant clam shell, its inward curve facing out toward the open water and its hinge extending nearly 200 feet from the base of the cliff.  And though the Lumulus Machine has long since been moved away, the It’ipu Dam still sees activity.  Far more activity than would be needed for simple maintenance, there is little else to speculate other than something is going on inside of the dam itself.  Since the O’eanlos river still flows and the It’ipui’uaza reservoir lake does not grow further, where is the brine water going?

Endless Blue – Week 89.6 – Jetsam: Dark of the Spurs   Leave a comment


Dark of the Spurs

The Spurs have been a mystery for eons to the Known World, but the Aboleths have knowledge passed down since the Cardinal Epoch.  They were there when the Spurs were erected by the Icht, the self-loathing precursor race that the Pantheon wiped out, supplanting them with the pisceans we know today.

The fingernail sized, teardrop shaped indentation on the Spur?  What a strange shape — or for that matter, name — when tears disperse under the water like blooms of algae.  And why are these indentations always on the side of the Spur that faces towards the Spine of the World?

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Endless Blue – Week 87.5 – Flotsam: The Lernynge Lax, or the Salmon of Knowledge   Leave a comment


The Lernynge Lax, or the Salmon of Knowledge

The tale of the Lernynge Lax is thought to be folklore inspired to help keep the masses of the Known World uneducated.  By shedding personal illumination in a negative context, the more educated hope to keep the population from seeking enlightenment.  Without education, the wealthy keep the advantage in survival to themselves.

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Endless Blue – Week 66 – Wonders of the Aquatic World   2 comments


Wonders of the Aquatic World

Elqua is a world of magnificence and astonishment, both of nature and by the hand of pisceans.  Every locale has its chosen landmark, and will argue until they are blue in the face that their site is the most famous, most magnificent, most historic.  Despite this, there are simply some features of Elqua that hold such beauty and significance that they are labeled “Wonder of the World”.

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