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Endless Blue – Week 75 – Ceph Unguisurfing   2 comments


Ceph Unguisurfing

Despite the fact Elqua’s surface is 95% covered in water, the pisceans of the Known World reside in an ever more confined space in the Eastern Hemisphere.  With seabed capable of supporting aquaculture solely found near the surface of the water, only so much food can be produced.  But just being close enough to the surface to farm makes those pisceans vulnerable to the aberrations of the Vastness.  Safe farming land is rare, so most centers of population group in the Shoals areas of Elqua’s oceans.  With few races other than the Lumulus and Orcans capable of surviving the crushing depths of the Shelf, that leaves a limited band of living space in the Shoals for populations to form settlements.  As the years go by, the piscean population increases, yet the amount of natural habitat stays limited.  The Fluid Nations have all done their share of deforestation of the world’s kelp farms and coral reefs, despite the protestations of the Locanth and those Xanthellaette Chelon.  Despite this, it is clear that more room is needed, and this has resulted in border disputes and incursions into sovereign territories.

The most affected by this population expansion are the Ceph.  They have no homesea of their own, and instead must survive in the nooks and crannies of the other nations.  The more indignant of these, dissatisfied with eking out an existence at the tail fins of the other races, dwell among the Periphery.  But as the Fluid Nations expand, the Periphery is shrinking.  There is only so much space between the Core and the natural barrier around the planet created by the Spine of the World.  Virgin waterways that once allowed the fallen Kraken the protection needed until they finished their de-evolution into the Ceph of today are rapidly diminishing.  Their race is being squeezed out of the natural ecosystem, and this loss of habitat has forced them into the urban areas.

There they find niches to live that other pisceans would find beneath them.  The Ceph survive by collecting the left over scraps and trash of the other races.  It is a demeaning existence for a species that once dominated the water world, and it is this way of life that justifies some in labeling them “untouchables”.  They have no rights under the Fluid Nations Accord, thus have no recourse when locals push them further and further out to sea.  A life of urban scavenging, keeping themselves hidden from bigoted sight, and being treated as less than animals has turned the ancestral shame the Ceph feel into anger.  That anger has festered, and some of their number have succumbed to its malign influence, and become violent.

So far, there is no concerted organization in the Ceph cells, and no targeted offensive against the other races.  The militants act more as scavengers, attacking the weak and unwary when the need arises.  However, whispers are being heard on the currents of new activity amongst the Ceph militant cells.  There are stories the Ceph rebels are being armed by some unknown source.  Halberds, tridents, and shorts swords of an unknown make are being spotted in the grasp of these indigents.

Unknown Halberd -- Illus. by Gergő Soós

Halberd of Unknown Origin — Illus. by Gergő Soós

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Endless Blue – Kickstarter Day 12 – Combat on Elqua   Leave a comment

Combat Under Water

Conflict is inevitable beneath the waves of Elqua.  There, survival is difficult, with predators stalking the unwary and dangerous currents and under-pulls suddenly grabbing hold of the unwary.  Denizens of the water world have developed some interesting tricks to help them survive the dangers of underwater life.  Sky lancers take advantage from above by diving downward and spearing their prey; sweep sweep up from below to swallow their prey whole.  The races of the Fluid Nations have developed their own tactics for three-dimensional combat in a world where nothing falls.

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Endless Blue – Week 38 – Enchanted Items of the Endless Blue   Leave a comment


Enchanted Items of the Endless Blue

Some items fit the seas of Elqua perfectly, while others would be anachronistic at best.  Items such as books and elixirs would never survive the ravages of constant immersion in saltwater.  Others, such as the decanter of endless water, make no sense where water is plentiful.

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Endless Blue – Week 20 – Unguis   1 comment



Just as life of the Endless Blue has revised and improved on its ways to protect itself with artificial nautiluses and aegises, so to have they refined and enhanced its implements of attack, the ungues.  An ungues is a term referring to any weapon, be it held in the hand, strapped to the body, or slung behind a piscean.  Life is difficult on Elqua, and survival is of upmost importance.  This constant effort of protection through passive and aggressive means has led to the development of some uniquely created items.

On a world where water surrounds you on all side like a cool, glassy cocoon, the materials for construction of tools and items are significantly different.  With sea currents swirling around from all directions, methods such as metal smithing and wood working are impractical.  Constant exposure to water and salt corrodes metals, while porous wood crack and rots.  Just as with nautiluses and aegises, ungues are constructed out of more accessible and practical aquatic materials.  Volcanic glass and sea shell, honed to a razor’s sharpness are affixed to bone grips and handles.

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